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Ryuu no junjou, Dr no jounetsu written by Kifu Kaname and illustrated by Nara Chiharu - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Ryuu no junjou, Dr no jounetsu written by Kifu Kaname and illustrated by Nara Chiharu [May. 1st, 2008|08:29 pm]
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Ryuu no junjou, Dr no jounetsu written by Kifu Kaname and illustrated by Nara Chiharu is book 4 of the Ryuu and Dr. series. I highly recommend reading the series overview and summary of book 3 before jumping into the summary below because it continues the narrative immediately from the previous book. I'd forgotten just how...amazingly silly these books are. The latest volumes, while still delightful, have taken a much more serious and dark turn...

The cover is HOT, no? Nara Chiharu is pure rabu. XD

Hikawa is woken up by an alarm clock playing the wedding march and marvels again at how perfectly inappropriately their new quarters are decorated. The wallpaper is a pink and white floral pattern, the furniture is very romantic. The carpet is also pink and floral, the ceiling lights have heart-shaped objects dangling down from them. The alarm clock has bears walking around in a circle as a wedding couple. The king-sized bed is covered in pink frilly linens.

Hikawa greets his husband Seiwa (who so completely does not match the pinkness of it all) with a morning kiss. He tries to check Seiwa's injured cock from the botched blow job the night before. Seiwa tries to get away, but Hikawa is insistent. He demands to see it as it belongs to him--even Riki had said so! In the end, Seiwa lets Hikawa check it out. Hikawa not only takes a look at it, he rubs his cheek against it and gives it several light kisses. It's so cute!

Kyousuke comes to pick Hikawa up as Shou is still supposed to rest in bed. Kyousuke tells Hikawa that Shou makes a horrible patient, bored out of his mind and wanting to be on his feet already. When Hikawa wonders if he should take books to Shou, Kyousuke tells Hikawa that Shou likes porn mags. He and some others have already given Shou tons of mags and videos but Shou is still going nuts.

Hikawa spends a busy day at work, including having to calm down a really willful patient who bitches about the food (though he is in the hospital due to his bad diet and lack of exercise) and sneaks in a woman and has sex with her in his (shared) room. Hikawa kicks the patient out with a forced discharge. After work Kyousuke picks him up. Seiwa and Riki are waiting for them at the building and suggest going out to dinner. Kyousuke realizes that they still want to recruit him, so he declines and speeds away in his car. Hikawa asks to see Shou. When they walk into Shou's room Hikawa is shocked to see Shou with two women with his hands in their crotches. He's discharged many patients who use their rooms like hotels, after all. Shou begs Hikawa to let him out. He's tired of the porn mags, the videos, the many women he's fucked many times. In the end, Hikawa threatens Shou with female hormones, and then asks again that Shou rest and allow his body to recover.

That Saturday Hikawa has to go to the university (he's actually on the staff of the university and is dispatched to the hospital). Seiwa offers to take him. Riki drives the two to the university, opening Hikawa's door. He asks Hikawa to call when he's done. Hikawa is greeted by a law professor who is an old friend of his step-father. The professor asks if Riki is Takatokugokoku Yoshinobu. Hikawa has never heard of the guy, but he is told that Yoshinobu is a famous kendou fencer (is a practitioner of kendou called a "fencer" in English?) from a famous kendou family who'd disappeared a number of years ago. The professor is friends with Yoshinobu's older brother, who has looking for and been worried sick about Yoshinobu.

HIkawa remembers that Riki is not Riki's real name, but he has no inkling about Riki's past. After asking the professor several questions about Yoshinobu, he has a hunch that Riki is Yoshinobu. He changes the subject immediately.

After work, he is picked up by Uji and Same and taken back to Seiwa. Hikawa immediately asks Seiwa if Riki is Takatokugokoku Yoshinobu. Seiwa doesn't reply, but Hikawa can tell by Seiwa's expression that he is. When Hikawa asks why Riki took a different name, Seiwa tells him to not meddle in clan affairs. He tries to distract Hikawa by reminding Hikawa that he wanted to go to the supermarket. Hikawa doesn't let Seiwa off the hook until Seiwa gives him a kiss. They then head to the supermarket with Uji and Same plus Riki following in another car. Uji and Same laugh watching the dangerous yazuka boss Seiwa pushing a shopping cart and geting henpecked on his diet by Hikawa. Hikawa then goes to the drug store to buy condoms. Seiwa is shocked stiff. Hikawa tells Seiwa to wait outside as he feels uncomfortable buying the condoms with Seiwa right there with him. When Seiwa tells Hikawa that he'll have his underlings buy them from now on, Hikawa resists. He has no embarrassment about buying condoms in general (just not with Seiwa standing next to him) and would much rather buy them himself. Once again the two guards silently laugh at the exchange.

That night, even though they have everything they need for sex, they don't have sex. Instead, Hikawa immediately falls asleep and Seiwa does indecent things to Hikawa's body. Hikawa dreams about a cute baby Seiwa in the meantime...

They spend Sunday relaxing, taking a break to visit Shou. Shou has a chain on his leg long enough for him to reach the bathroom. He has no interest in the woman trying to soothe him (though Hikawa notes that since her panties are on the floor he must've done her already).

The next week Hikawa's days at the hospital are full and hard. He receives a new patient, a referral from the law professor he'd met Saturday. The new patient introduces himself as Takatokugokoku Harunobu. He explains how one day his younger brother went to university for his graduation and didn't come back. They only received a postcard saying he's leaving home and to not look for him. He couldn't find his brother no matter what he did. Harunobu vouches that his brother would've never done anything criminal. He was kind though silent, and very good at kendou (better than him). Harunobu shows Hikawa a picture of Yoshinobu, which Hikawa recognizes as a younger Riki. Harunobu tells Hikawa that the professor had told him he'd seen a man that looked like Yoshinobu with Hikawa. HIkawa explains that the man the professor had seen isn't Yoshinobu and is simply an acquaintance of his. When pressed, Hikawa tells Harunobu that Riki is an old acquaintance from the orphanage. He won't tell Harunobu Riki's name, saying that Riki is concealing the fact that he's from an orphanage. Hikawa gives Harunobu generic words of comfort, that someday he'll surely be able to see his brother again...

That night Hikawa can't wait for Seiwa to come home. He's surprised that Riki is not with Seiwa, but he quickly realizes that Riki must have run away to avoid Hikawa and his questions. He tells Seiwa that Harunobu had visited him and had asked about his younger brother. Hikawa wants to help the poor man find his brother, but explains that he told Harunobu that the man the professor saw was an old acquaintance from the orphanage. He then has Seiwa wash his hands and gargle. He wipes Seiwa's wet hands and face for him, and gives him his welcome home kiss. He puckers his lips. Seiwa silently kisses him softly, his eyes showing his love. Hikawa then grills Seiwa about what he'd eaten that day. They are interrupted by Riki, who had received a text message from Seiwa. He apologizes for causing trouble for Hikawa. He admits that he is Takatokugokoku Yoshinobu. He describes how his superior ability in kendou would have split the school between those who championed him versus his brother. He hid at the house of a student of his who was part of Seiwa's clan, Matsumoto Rikiya. Original Rikiya died protecting Yoshinobu, so Yoshinobu took Rikiya's name and station in life to fulfill the promise original Rikiya had made with Kitsutaka to become Seiwa's right-hand man. He has no intention of going back to his old life.

Hikawa tries to convince Riki that it's never too late to start over, but Riki is resolute. He does admit he will probably contact his brother because Harunobu might just do something crazy. Hikawa wonders if Harunobu might show up on a TV program that looks for people. He knows he'd do it to find his precious younger brother (if he had one and if that brother had disappeared).

The next day Hikawa has Harunobu as a patient again. Harunobu complains of a headache. When Hikawa (who suspects Harunobu is lying about having any problems but decides to treat him just in case) asks when the headache started, Harunobu replies that it was the day Yoshinobu disappeared. He can't help but stay up at night worrying if his brother, who'd only been into studying and kendou, was okay. He asks Hikawa to let him meet the acquaintance that looks like Yoshinobu. When Hikawa declines, citing privacy concerns again, Harunobu asks if he can see them at a cafe from afar. Hikawa again declines, stating that he doesn't want to deceive his acquaintance. He steers the conversation back to the supposed purpose of the visit, offering to prescribe medicine for Harunobu's "headache."

Later in the day he is accosted by Harunobu again. Harunobu persists in trying to get Hikawa to let him meet the acquaintance. He asks the name of the orphanage to confirm Hikawa's story. Hikawa continues to decline all of Harunobu's requests, but Harunobu suspects Hikawa. Hikawa is too kind to him. Usually people are a bit more suspicious that Yoshinobu had run off because of bullying or something (esp since they have different mothers), but Hikawa was just too unconditionally kind and sympathetic. Hikawa tells Harunobu that he really is simply being sympathetic. Harunobu continues to press, telling Hikawa that the law professor didn't remember any friends Hikawa had from the orphanage. Hikawa explains that the law professor is his stepfather's friend and not someone he tells everything to. He excuses himself to go back to work.

Walking out of the hospital to be picked up by Kyousuke, he is flabbergasted to be met by Harunobu again. He ignores Kyousuke waiting for him at their meeting spot and continues walking. Harunobu tells Hikawa the story of his life (how on her deathbed his mother had asked Yoshinobu's mother to take care of Harunobu and to give Harunobu a brother to support Harunobu) to evoke sympathy. He mentions wanting to go on a TV program that looks for lost people, though he was told not to do it by others. He insists that asking Hikawa will get him what he wants. Hikawa puts him off until he catches a taxi to get away. He directs the taxi home but gets off when he spots Kyousuke's car at a traffic stop. Kyousuke is relieved to have Hikawa safe and sound. He grills Hikawa on the guy he was with to make sure Hikawa isn't being unfaithful. Turns out Kyousuke knows about Riki's real name. They talk a bit about the whole business until Kyousuke mentions that Seiwa is as persistent in trying to get him to join the clan as Harunobu is in trying to get Hikawa to let him see Riki. He tells Hikawa that Seiwa had even come to his host club, which sets off Hikawa's burning jealousy. He demands to know about the young and gorgeous men catering to Seiwa and what they might have done for Seiwa. Kyousuke tries to soothe Hikawa by assuring him that Seiwa is pure-hearted and faithful when it comes to Hikawa, but Hikawa is having none of it. He even asks what Seiwa did to Kyousuke.

Hikawa tries to calm down when he gets home but fails. He immediately brings up the host club when Seiwa gets home. Seiwa repeatedly apologizes in his gruff manner but it doesn't calm Hikawa. Finally, Hikawa declares that he'll fool around with a guy even more attractive than Seiwa if Seiwa insists on going to host clubs...But he is stopped in his tracks when he realizes that for him there is no man more attractive than Seiwa. Seiwa had been frozen through Hikawa's declaration, but at Hikawa's comment he smiles shyly.

Hikawa then brings up Harunobu and his persistence. He doesn't think he can completely deceive Harunobu. Seiwa listens to the day's events, then notes that the Takatokugokoku School has many connections with the police yet Harunobu hadn't heard anything about his brother being a yakuza. Seiwa figures that it's been hushed up and that no one besides Harunobu wants Yoshinobu to come back and stir up trouble for the school. Seiwa doesn't think that Riki should have any contact with Harunobu because Harunobu will probably just keep pushing and pushing...Like Hikawa did with Seiwa. Seiwa had tried to let Hikawa stay away from being involved with the yakuza when they had first met again, yet Hikawa kept pressing for Seiwa to be freed from the clan until he ended up as Seiwa's "wife." Seiwa asks if Hikawa regretted not having run away, having been put through some scary stuff. Hikawa asks back what Seiwa would do if Hikawa replies that he did. Seiwa responds that it's too late and that he won't let Hikawa get away from him. Hikawa replies that he doesn't want to run away at all. They kiss. The kiss deepens, making Hikawa melt. He wants to have sex, but Seiwa doesn't want to burden Hikawa because Hikawa has to get up early for work the next day. Hikawa wonders if Seiwa is still in pain and wants to check his cock, but Seiwa manages to avoid Hikawa's prying eyes and hands.

Harunobu shows up at the hospital the next day. He is waiting when Hikawa finishes work and follows him. He even asks to stay at Hikawa's place. Hikawa had been given instructions by Seiwa when he had reported Harunobu showing up at the hospital that day. He offers to let Harunobu see the acquaintance that looks like Yoshinobu. They go to a hotel. Hikawa meets up with two clan members, Same and another one who kind of looks like Riki. They pretend to be old friends (with the clan member taking the name of someone from the orphanage) and have dinner at the hotel cafe. Harunobu approaches them and butts into the conversation (even though he had promised only to look and not touch meddle). He declares that his brother was a stoic man indifferent to what a woman might think of him (they had been talking about how the "friend" might be able to do something about his slightly scary appearance and get to know a girl he's interested in), unlike this man. Harunobu doesn't think Yoshinobu was gay, but he wouldn't mind if Yoshinobu had been gay and had eloped with his lover. Then Yoshinobu could come home with a male "wife." He seems horribly disappointed and leaves. Hikawa and the clan member finish dinner pretending to be friends and go back up to the room where Same is waiting. The man playing Hikawa's friend finds Harunobu's attachment to his brother kind of creepy, but Hikawa can understand Harunobu's feelings. They hope Harunobu has given up.

When Hikawa returns home Seiwa and Riki are waiting. Riki apologizes for the trouble his brother is causing. Hikawa asks that Riki contact Harunobu someday. Hikawa and Seiwa then visit Shou, who is as always yelling to be let out. He has another woman (a busty blonde this time) with him, who he's already fucked but has tired of. Hikawa is surprised to find out that Seiwa had sent the woman to Shou. Was Seiwa into busty sexy women? Seiwa explains that he had thought Shou would appreciate something a bit different. When Shou starts shouting to be released again, Hikawa wonders if his visits only end up agitating Shou....

The next day Hikawa is tense, but Harunobu never shows up. Hikawa even takes the bus and train home (followed, of course, by a clan member in disguise). At home, Seiwa explains that Harunobu had gone home. He tells Hikawa to forget the whole thing happened. They kiss and cuddle on the couch a little, and then Hikawa tries to check Seiwa's cock again. Seiwa resists, so Hikawa suggests they take a bath together (so that he can wash his cute Seiwa and also check his cock). Seiwa closes his eyes and pretends to sleep. Hikawa tries to get Seiwa to respond, but Seiwa continues to pretend to sleep until Hikawa gives up...

The next day at work Hikawa is harassed by a patient who thinks all hospital staff can be ordered around like his company employees. During lunch various doctors talk about how totally clueless about women they were well into adulthood. Several admit that they had thought women produced semen. Several others admit that they had thought women produced milk from their breasts ALL THE TIME. They had exasperated the women in their lives (one his mother, the other his first girlfriend) by asking for milk for their coffee or something. XDXD

Hikawa is picked up by Uji instead of Kyousuke. Kyousuke had gotten sick of the constant attempts to recruit him. They are followed by a mysterious motorcyclist. Hikawa contacts Seiwa and three cars driven by clan members (including Seiwa and Riki) arrive to surround the car. They confront the motorcyclist with guns. He turns out to be Harunobu. Riki realizes he has to face his brother. He tells Harunobu over and over that he will never go back to being Yoshinobu and he has given his life to the clan. Harunobu is very angry. He hits Riki, and then turns to Hikawa and tells him that his younger brother had been really adorable as a child. Hikawa responds that his precious boy had also been adorable as a child. Harunobu mentions that when his parents were asked which they'd prefer their sons to become if they had to chose, yakuza or a transsexual, they unhesitatingly chose a transsexual. Though their sons would make monster women at least they wouldn't cause trouble for society. Hikawa can't imagine the burly brothers as transsexuals. He thinks about which he'd prefer, a yakuza or a transsexual Seiwa. He decides that he doesn't like either choice. Harunobu laughs at Hikawa's response and apparently has a change of heart. He tells Riki to survive no matter what, he'll always support Riki. He asks Hikawa and Seiwa to take care of Riki and to return Riki to him instead encasing him in concrete and dumping him in Tokyo Bay should Riki ever become unnecessary. He leaves. Hikawa can't fathom why Harunobu had given up. Seiwa can only respond that Harunobu is Riki's older brother. Riki smiles awkwardly at that. Hikawa is dumbfounded--Riki smiled!

They return home. Hikawa and Seiwa talk about how Hikawa had pursued Seiwa willy-nilly and that though they had been like brothers in the end they weren't and now were husband and "wife." Hikawa implores Seiwa to keep safe and never leave him. Seiwa asks to have sex. Hikawa consents and Seiwa carries Hikawa to the bed. Hikawa interrupts the proceedings by recalling the one incident that made him wish he was a woman (which he had never wished for, despite the fact that he found himself unable to desire women). A young Seiwa had been so hungry he had tried to eat a banana peel he'd found on the side of the road. Hikawa stopped him, but Seiwa fussed that he wanted the banana (he must have been starving). Hikawa decided to use funds from his small allowance to buy something for Seiwa. On the way they passed by a mother giving her baby milk in a park. Seiwa poitned to them and asked Hikawa for breast milk. Hikawa told him he can't give him milk. Hikawa had thought that women could always produce milk, so at that moment he really wished he was a girl so that he could feed the poor starving Seiwa at anytime. He had seriously contemplated asking the mother to give Seiwa milk, but she left the park while he was deep in thought. Hikawa wonders what Seiwa was thinking at the time. Seiwa doesn't remember the incident as he was quite young, but he responds that he must have been thinking about the person he was with. Hikawa asks that Seiwa always think of him. Seiwa agrees to, and they continue having sex. Hikawa initially worries about the state of Seiwa's cock, but he is reassured that it can perform just fine....

One morning about a week later, Shou shows up to take Hikawa to work. He still looks bad, but he'd apparently driven the surgeon Dr. Kimura insane and had been kicked out. Shou wouldn't listen to anyone that he needs bed rest to heal properly. They figured Kyousuke was used to handling Shou and released Shou into Kyousuke's keeping (Shou had no girl so was bumming at Kyousuke's house). When Hikawa returns home, Seiwa and a package of a box of goodies is waiting. It is from Harunobu, addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Seiwa Kitsutaka." XD Seiwa gets a call that Dr. Kimura is drunk and making trouble at a club in another clan's territory. He leaves to handle the situation. Seiwa returns late that night after Hikawa has gone to bed (though he can't sleep, too worried about Seiwa). Seiwa always checks on Hikawa when he gets home, but this time he goes into the bathroom first. Hikawa gets up and goes into the bathroom. Hikawa sees lipstick marks on Seiwa's upper body and gets jealous again at the idea of Seiwa having fun with young and pretty hostesses. Seiwa assures him that he took so long because he couldn't get Dr. Kimura to leave but his assurance does nothing to soothe Hikawa. Hikawa grabs Seiwa's cock and demands that Seiwa tell him that it is his. Seiwa responds that it is. Hikawa calms down a little and lets go of Seiwa's cock (which he'd been squeezing kind of hard). But then he finds a business card from a "Lemon-chan" with a message that she'll let Seiwa do anything to her in Seiwa's clothing. This sets Hikawa off again. He yells a bit more, then makes Seiwa burn the card. He then demands sex, which Seiwa happily gives.

The next morning Hikawa is greeted by a totally beaten-up Shou. Kyousuke had beaten him up for eating Kyousuke's food. Shou can't figure out what pisses Kyousuke off, positing again that Kyousuke must be PMS-ing, even though Kyousuke beats him up every time he eats all the food in the house. Hikawa can't make heads or tails of the situation, but Seiwa, the long-suffering husband living with an overbearing wife, gives Shou some advice: Do not defy Kyousuke. Shou suppresses laughter, sensing some vibe from Seiwa. He tells Seiwa to have happiness with Hikawa. Shou tells Hikawa to make Seiwa happy. Hikawa doesn't get it, but he feels happy seeing a laughing Shou. He prays the days filled with smiles can continue forever.

Show me your hurt little willy, darling Seiwa!

Shou is not happy at being confined.

Takatokugokoku Harunobu shows his eternally smiling face for the first time.

Nothing like a bit of cuddling...

Riki apologizes for the trouble he's causing Hikawa.

The crew of incredibly clueless doctors...

Riki has no problems with pointing a gun at his stalker brother.

Hikawa remembers a cute yet starving little Seiwa even as a big and badass Seiwa has his way with him...

Hikawa in a jealous fit over the hostess's business card he finds Seiwa's clothing.

Shou looking like shit after Kyousuke beats the crap out of him for eating his food (again).

[User Picture]From: la_vie_noire
2008-05-08 06:22 pm (UTC)
Hey, lurker here! You don't know how much I love reading these summaries of yours.

I hope someday to see more of this title, it amused the hell out of me (but I still don't understand what was going on between Riki and his brother). I wouldn't mind reading about the first books too. XDD

Thank you, they are so entertaining.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2008-05-10 06:40 am (UTC)
Hi! Glad you're enjoying my summaries. XD

I plan on summarizing more of this series, I just don't know when. I wouldn't mind doing the first two books, but I haven't been able to find the first book at all. The second book would probably make more sense after reading the first.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: phat008
2008-05-13 05:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing this work to us*huggles*. Enjoyed reading through your excellent summaries and really like our uke(Hikawa). I always enjoy the beginnings/introductions, so hope you get book 1...with all the details of how Seiwa declares Hikawa to be his "wife" and how he makes Hikawa his.
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