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More Sasra speculation - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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More Sasra speculation [Nov. 2nd, 2008|10:12 am]
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While looking for something else I came across a blog entry that speculates on who wrote what story in Sasra. She lists it as:

プロローグ 剛将と蓮の出会い、エジプトに向かいます・・岩本薫
Prologue: Goushou and Ren meet and go to Egypt-Iwamoto Kaoru

1話、アケト×セシェン 古代エジプト編・・ひちわゆか
Story 1: Ahekt x Seshan Ancient Egypt-Hichiwa Yuka

2話、鷹峻×紅蓮 古代中国編・・木原音瀬
Story 2: Oushun x Kouren Ancient China-Konohara Narise

3話、アンドレアス×ルキウス 古代ローマ編・・和泉桂
Story 3: Alexandrius x Lucius Ancient Rome-Izumi Katsura

Story 4: Leonhart x Alphonse-Hichiwa Yuka

5話、リカルド×キリヤ インカ帝国編・・和泉 桂
Story 5: Ricardo x Kiriya Inca Empire-Izumi Katsura

6話、幸之助×いち 江戸時代・・木原音瀬
Story 6: Kounosuke x Ichi Tokugawa Japan-Konohara Narise

7話、京介×竜 昭和初期・・ひちわゆか
Story 7: Kyousuke x Ryuu Early Showa Japan-Hichiwa Yuka

8話、剛将×蓮・・岩本 薫
Story 8: Goushou x Ren-Iwamoto Kaoru

エピローグ その後の剛将と蓮 合作(パートごとに担当)
Epilogue: Goushou and Ren after that-Collaboration

I can't help but agree that the two stories that actually end rather badly (or tragically), 2 and 6, were written by Kohonara Narise. Especially 6.

I took a look at the other authors, checking out their work on Amazon Japan, and I realized I'd definitely read two of them. I even wrote posts on their novels (Izumi Katsura and Iwamoto Kaoru). Unfortunately, I haven't read enough by them to judge. I don't think I've read anything by Hichiwa Yuka, but the titles of her books make me think she does a lot comedy. None of the stories were particularly comedic, though.