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more books... [Jan. 31st, 2011|06:39 pm]
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I rewatched Up, teared up at the beginning montage of the life of Carl and Ellie as well as the moment much later when Carl flips through Ellie's adventure book and finds the to do part actually filled out. I also forgot how awesome Doug the dog is. So cute! So dumb! So cute! "I do not like the cone of shame." ♥♥♥ The DVD extra re: Doug actually made me feel sorry for Alpha et al. If I was a dedicated and serious kind of dog I'd want to send him on an extra special mission too. ^^;

Onto more GH....OMG I tried to read April Lady and failed. It's like the worst of Friday's Child and The Convenient Marriage blended together. The main character is a married lady who adores her much older and very rich husband, but has been told by her mother not to expect such things as love so she hides her feelings. Her husband had fallen for her but doesn't really express his feelings. She ends up in all kinds of scrapes partly because of her (totally worthless and irritating) wild young sister-in-law and partly because she's an idiot who lies and makes things worse. One or two lies, okay, but...she just takes it too far. I couldn't sympathize with her at all. Basically, I was not charmed by anyone. And the half-sister should've been put down.

Bath Tangle failed for me as well. It's about the daughter and wife of an Earl who unexpectedly dies. The daughter's considerable fortune is held in trust by her father's old friend whom she had been engaged to marry but had jilted quite close to the wedding date. The widow is young (younger than the daughter) and sweet. Frankly, I liked the widow better. The daughter is supposed to be all strong-willed and high-spirited, and she is, but not in a way that I liked. I was like, just get together with the guy already!! And the guy, the old friend...is a jerk. I really got the impression that he really wallows in privilege. He can act like an asshole because he's rich and high-ranked, he doesn't even bother to be superficially civil. I liked the widow and her beau so much better.