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sometimes crap is good [Aug. 1st, 2008|10:20 pm]
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I found myself skimming a completely worthless novel all the way to the end the other day. Amai wana de torokasete by Takaoka Mizumi and illustrated by Fujii Sakuya is stunningly stupid, yet oddly entertaining. Pathetic, weak, introverted uke boy is bullied by the school pretty boy and forced to pay money. He's supposed to get sexually harassed in the train and blackmail the harasser out of money to pay the pretty boy, but of course he never does get harassed...No matter how much he prays for it. Until one lucky day when he does! Turns out the harasser is the hot teacher at school (whom the pretty boy happens to kinda dig). Uke is enamored by hot teacher and the dirty dirty things they do...including full-on sex in a crowded train! (I suppose this was supposed to be hot, but all I could think was how I wouldn't want to be a passenger in the car with them since anal penetration would kinda be obvious to anyone nearby...) Perhaps I've just not come across such stories, but this is the first where it's so obvious that the uke's attachment to the teacher is a completely misguided addiction to the pleasure (and the attention) rather than any kind of "love" (or even a crush--am I being too cynical?). The uke is willing to do anything to please, including becoming an uke sandwich by servicing TWO teachers at once! All weekend! As for the teacher, I can imagine that he's happy that he has a piece of teenage ass that he can fuck anytime and anyway he wants, eager to please and wanton as hell. Teacher #2 is initially presented as a "nice guy" who "courts" uke for a while, but after the orgy scene it was pretty obvious that he saw what Teacher #1 had (wanton teenage ass willing to do anything) and wanted some of it himself. There were a couple of token offerings to other manga cliches (Teacher has the uke get a haircut and new clothing and to stand up straight so that he doesn't look so dweeby, but it didn't turn the uke into a swan or anything. Uke also magically grew a spine and stood up to pretty boy bully, saved by teacher when the pretty boy got mad at uke and had his gang of friends attack uke.) which totally felt thrown in just for the hell of it. We also have public bathroom and school sex. Can't miss those!

Most of the novel was taken up by sex scenes, which meant I did a lot of skimming. It was totally worth the time it took to skim the book for the laughs. Afterwards I speculated on whether the uke would grow up and look back on the "relationship" with fondness or with bitterness. I'd love to read a sequel where the uke actually got a clue that he'd been used, and became bitter and jaded and yet was still a total slut. I doubt I'd get my wish since I think this was written seriously to hit the fangirl's moe buttons (which, judging from the 5 star amazon japan reviews, it seems to have done).

The art was really ugly, only adding to the aura of B-movie badness. I think I've seen this artist around before (or artists with very similar styles) and really can't stand the art. Typically I'd be repelled by the cover alone, but I was bored and decided to go ahead for the hell of it. XD The whole package as a whole was not worth the paper it was printed on, and yet so...shiny. I think I've been twisted by reading too much BL. ^^;