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more greatness from a great author [Aug. 3rd, 2008|07:09 pm]
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I laughed and clicked on one of the suggested books that came up when I stuck something on my wishlist on amazon japan. The cover of Aien no ori by Barbara Katagiri (click for bigger pic) is just...priceless. I love the perfectly placed candles. XD It's one of those confine and "train" some victim who inevitably ends up totally wanton (and in love with his tormenter?) story lines. Lotsa sex and probably lotsa cliches. The reviews are very lukewarm and rather funny. I love one comment about how there's rope on every page you open to, with a "(-_-)" to add more emphasis. I somehow doubt even Nara Chiharu's art can save this one--though I kind of like the looks of the bastard seme on the cover...I'm not too surprised that it's not very good since it's written by the always awful Barabara Katagiri. ^^;