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how can it already be nearly mid-august? - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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how can it already be nearly mid-august? [Aug. 13th, 2008|07:55 pm]
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A blog post I read today mentioned the TV show Seaquest in passing and a wave of nostalgia hit me. Oh, what a bad show it was! I knew it was bad when I was watching it, and yet I enjoyed it (up to the third season, or whichever season it was that turned the show more militaristic). I remember reading (bad) fanfic for it, too. Not slash, mostly character thumping. Damn, did I ever save those fics? If I did, they're probably on unlabeled floppy disks. Do I still have them? Can I find the right disk in the sea of unlabeled floppy disks I remember throwing into random boxes while packing? Do I have something that can read floppy disks? I wonder if I ever did magically find the old fics I loved so much, would I cringe at just how bad they were or were they the right kind of bad that is actually kind of good?

You learn something new every day: Why divers always shower after they get out of the pool (don't read the comments, they are totally worthless)

I played the first disc of Hikaru no Go for my mom last night. Didn't stay to watch, but had to laugh when I passed by the TV and did catch some of it. Hikaru was so cute! His cheeks were so round! Sai's "He's no ordinary boy" statement re: Akira made me smile. Also, I can totally imagine Akira going bald from being so tense all the time. That kid was way too intense for his own good, even when he was 12. XD;

The only books I can find easily are my doujinshi as they are in labeled boxes. I feel like digging out some of my (too many) Hikago doujinshi and flipping through some of them. Maybe the one where they are Indiana Jones-type archeologist adventurers, with the addition of being immortal and gay...Or the vampire one...Or the AU where being good at go actually has status in society and there's an elite school for the brightest of the go players that clueless Hikaru ends up attending...*wanders off to rummage*