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various manga.... [Aug. 19th, 2008|10:53 pm]
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Downloaded raw of Totally Captivated chapter 35. Really want a summary since it finally feels like something is happening. It felt like things were coasting for a while there, but now there seems to be the beginning of real conflict! Did Ewon walk out on Mookyul? What exactly is Mookyul's relationship with the chairman anyhow? It's just so odd that Mookyul suffers being the pet of the chairman, he just seems too willful to be so obedient. *shrugs* In any case, he needs to be honest with Ewon about the chairman (who, frankly, icks me out for some reason). *sighs* I hope dartemis24 summarizes this chapter soon. I hate not knowing. :P

Talk about a waste of pretty art. Kimi ga kono te wo hanarerunara by Tatsuru Kohji (written by Kuibara Harumo) is a collection of short stories blessed with pretty art (delicate but not overly so) yet so devoid of anything interesting, be it character or story (totally cliched, naturally).

The best story of the lot was the lawyer x public prosecutor one, but my judgement is probably influenced by the fact that I like quarreling lovers who also happen to sometimes battle it out at work (in this case, in court).

Public prosecutor can't help his heart thumping at how cool his lover is, even when they are actually fighting in private and battling in public. Love that look on his face...

The other story I rather liked (and probably had the best sex--which isn't saying much since the sex scenes throughout the volume were fairly extended yet totally lukewarm) was about the head of a nursery school and a teacher who'd actually became a teacher because he fell in love with the head. Complete cluelessness on the part of the head resulting in frustration in the teacher was fun. Lots of cute kiddies as bonus.

I am not a big fan of one-shots, so it takes a lot for me to really like one. This collection didn't come close to doing anything for me. Looks like this artist does mostly novel illustrations...I'd love to read a full volume manga drawn by her, just to see if it was the limitations of the one-shot or just plain badness that bored me.