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news news news [Sep. 16th, 2008|10:09 pm]
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Flesh & Blood drama cd 4 is set to come out 12/26!

There's also going to be a Crimson Spell cd drama this winter...No cast announced yet.

End of the happy part of the news. The rest has me gnashing my teeth in frustration. ;_;

The fifth (and I think last) Ring Finger novel (not listed on amazon japan yet) comes out this month. Damn. I don't think I can buy this for a while. *sighs*

Other stuff that comes out in September I can't buy anytime soon:
Silver Diamond 15
Kuroshitsuji 5

And the most aggravating news of all, they are making the novel series Sasra by Unit Vanilla into four drama CDs coming out 10/31, 11/28, 1/30, and 2/27 with Fukuyama Jun as Naraoka Ren (uke priest dude Seshan) and Konishi Katsuyaki as Sumida Goushou (seme prince dude Hohemahket). That's not the aggravating part. It's the fact that they are having a mail order special. If you buy all four CDs through them you can get an extra CD and an extra booklet! AAAARGH! I paid an arm and a leg for the special booklet that the book publisher had come out with via auction. Yes, it was worth every penny, but still....

I hate not living in Japan sometimes.