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Kuchibiru de kanjiteru by Asuma Risai and illustrated by Takamiya Azuma - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Kuchibiru de kanjiteru by Asuma Risai and illustrated by Takamiya Azuma [Oct. 30th, 2008|10:13 pm]
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Kuchibiru de kanjiteru by Asuma Risai and illustrated by Takamiya Azuma is really not worth writing about. It's completely cliched and silly, without interesting/vivid/engaging characters to make up for it. Why am I bothering to post on it? Because the art is pretty and I feel like mocking something. XD;

The main character's name is Kohinata Sakura. Sakura. A boy named Sakura. He's slender and delicate, the pampered only son of a wealthy family, the presumed successor to his father's job as company president. At least, until his father remarries and he gains a step-brother. A younger step-brother, named Kensei. Kensei turns out to be good at everything. Plus, he's tall and handsome and manly and athletic. Sakura finds himself always compared unfavorably with Kensei. He doesn't dislike Kensei, but he's terribly uncomfortable about him and thus ends up treating him coldly. Kensei is just too different from the gentle rich kids he'd grown up with.

Even when they both join their father's company, Sakura finds himself compared unfavorably with the brilliant Kensei. Their father has been hospitalized and the company needs stability, but the question of who will be the successor is up in the air. Sakura wants what's best for the company, yet doesn't quite want to recognize Kensei as the best for the company. He wants to go up against Kensei.

Unfortunately, Sakura's friend comes up with a scheme to frame Kensei. Sakura thinks it's an awful thing to do, but hesitates before responding. Kensei overhears the exchange, and grabs Sakura to settle things. Kensei decides that he will let Sakura be in charge at work if Sakura will agree to let Kensei dominate him in bed. Kensei forces himself on Sakura, pleasuring Sakura (but not going all the way when Sakura cries pitifully).

So then we have Kensei acting like he's taking orders from Sakura, making the other employees respect Sakura since Sakura had apparently been able to get Kensei to obey him. But in private they have a (really silly) relationship zigzagging from mean and bullying to gentle and sweet. Massively cliched things happen, culminating with Kensei saving Sakura from a bad bad man (who tries to blackmail Sakura into sex) and the two finally confessing their "true" feelings to each other.

Some of the massively cliched things that happen:
-Kensei sweetly and kindly nurses Sakura after he finally fucks Sakura
-Sakura realizing that he'd actually always wanted to be next to Kensei and talk with him normally but finding himself completely unable to
-Sakura not realizing that he's pretty and charming and very popular because his masculine ideal is Kensei
-Turns out Sakura had been very popular with the other students (mainly the boys) and many letters confessing love were written to him...that were never given to Sakura because Kensei got them all and hadn't handed them over to Sakura
-Kensei deciding that he wanted to protect Sakura after one single incident way back when where Sakura was kind to him (as no one had ever been to Kensei)--even though 99.999% of the time Sakura treated him coldly (and as he couldn't read Sakura's mind he wouldn't have known that Sakura was just pathetically awkward)--yet resigning himself to having Sakura in any way he can when he thinks Sakura really hates him
-Sakura and Kensei can't speak even an ounce of their true feelings till there's danger from the outside (in this case the bad bad man that was going to do bad bad things to Sakura)
-Forced sex at work
-Kensei forcing Sakura to continue in the relationship when Sakura wants to quit his job and give up by guilting Sakura with visions of company failure
-Sakura hating how his body has become "trained" into pleasure by Kensei
-Betrayal! By the guy Sakura trusted the most! Turns out he'd been in love with Sakura, but turned to the dark side when he realized Sakura could only see him as a friend
-Uh...I can't think of any more specific things, but I'm sure there are many others

I laughed when Kensei confesses that he'd grown to love sweets because Sakura was lovely and honeyed like candy from the very start. No, really. He did. This is the same guy who'd declared at one point that Sakura's voice saying no just turned him on.

I like placid pampered rich boys who are completely unable to express their true feelings as much as (or possibly more than) the next fangirl, but this one? Had no personality. And without an ounce of spunk. He was weepy, too. Bleah. Do they have to be pretty, weepy, delicate flowers? At least the art was pretty.

Sakura meeting Kensei for the first time. He thought Kensei looked like a wild animal and was a bit frightened of him.

Kensei teasing Sakura.

Kensei noticing that Sakura reacts (he feels Sakura's ass contract around his finger) when he calls Sakura "big brother" and repeating it...

Kensei forcing Sakura to feel pleasure.

Kensei forcing Sakura to give him a blow-job at work.

Their only kiss (which Sakura thinks tastes like chocolate) when Kensei finally fucks Sakura in the ass.

Kensei babying Sakura after he'd fucked Sakura in the ass (a lot).

Kensei fucking Sakura in the ass at work. I think this is a storage room. Notice that Sakura's hands are tied up.

Kensei confesses! Talks about the really minor incident that changed his life and made him obsess with Sakura!

[User Picture]From: hpstrangelove
2008-11-12 12:07 pm (UTC)
(Sorry for commenting so late - I'm VERY behind on my flist).

Thanks for sharing the art at least, even if the story wasn't the best...the art is very nice.
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