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skimming fanfic [Dec. 23rd, 2008|08:34 am]
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I was skimming (to be more precise, skimming backwards) this SGA fanfic, It's Growing Day by Day by , and had to chuckle at a line:

"So yeah, I have no idea why almost every damn planet we set foot on looks like Vancouver."

It came in the middle of a fun conversation, too.

"My squishy scientists have two competing theories on that," Rodney said. "There's quite the rivalry and a pretty sizable betting pool involved."


"Yeah, it boils down to either 'yes, the Ancients terraformed because they seeded planets with copies of themselves and so needed earth-like conditions' or 'no, it just looks like that because the gate addresses we use come from their databases or people we've met, and so we end up on planets that humans can exist on.'"

"Which theory do you like?" Ronon asked.

"I like the idea that they terraformed," Rodney replied. "But Occam's razor suggests the second theory."

"I don't know," John said. "I kind of think that choosing the simplest answer doesn't work with the Ancients."

"There is that," Rodney said. "You know, you expect the Asgard or the Nox to have alien motives, but the Ancients looked like us and there's the whole thing where they're maybe our ancestors or at least there was some hanky-panky going on between them and our ancestors." He spread his hands. "What I'm getting at is that you'd expect them to think more like us."

"They were a lot older," Ronon said. "You have to take that into account."

"True," Rodney said. "So yeah, I have no idea why almost every damn planet we set foot on looks like Vancouver."

The fic itself seems interesting so far. The team are stuck on a planet and have to walk really far. There is McShep and other pairings.