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junjou romantica [Dec. 27th, 2008|03:52 am]
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In one of my fits of boredom yesterday I downloaded the Junjou Terrorist episode from the second season. Saw the beginning and saw the end...And was very confused. I didn't remember the scene! I later reread the manga (minus the Egoist parts. I'd forgotten just how much of the manga is Egoist! I need to get over my dislike of the uke--Hiroki, was it?--since it means skipping A LOT of the manga ;_;) and realized just how much they've censored in the anime. I'd heard complaints about it, but oh my! No sex at all? That's just not Junjou Romantica!!

I don't remember if I'd written about the manga volume 11 and don't want to bother going back to check, so I'll just blather a bit (again?). Oh man, the Terrorist bit in this volume was adorable! I love Shinobu smacking the pumpkin against the counter in a futile attempt to "cook," him getting jealous over his sister's homemaking abilities, how he asks for sex (so cute!), and the very end. They are a fun couple. As for Romantica, I love the panel where Usagi tells Misaki to monopolize him after Misaki's fit of jealousy and possessiveness. (Wish I had a working scanner to scan that page...Oh well.) I love how Usami is so straightforward with his feelings...I hope Misaki can grow up just a bit more to be able to reciprocate fully and openly. I wonder how Takahiro will react to the inevitable revelation of Usagi and Misaki's relationship?

[User Picture]From: enelte
2009-01-30 11:08 am (UTC)
You're right, Misaki is always optimistic, and I like young Hiroki in Junjou minimum much better, he was cute and weird and so different then, it feels almost unlogical for him to developpe into someone so angsty and insecure. As for Nowaki, he is the person I'm less interested in the whole Junjou saga, big puppy isn't my type. have you finally seen the anime? I need to catch up. Somehow BL anime deceive me, the only good one well adapted is Loveless, but is it even a BL? *sigh* Have you heard Sex Pistol ANDDD Maiden Rose are being made into OVA? wow, fangirls become spoiled little by little yay fangirls! ^_^
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