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Kono chi no hate ni written by Tsukigami Hinako and illustrated by Nara Chiharu - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Kono chi no hate ni written by Tsukigami Hinako and illustrated by Nara Chiharu [Jan. 12th, 2009|10:38 pm]
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Kono chi no hate ni written by Tsukigami Hinako and illustrated by Nara Chiharu is a fun (and totally silly) story about obsessive and/or forbidden love. A college student is hit by a car and ends up living at the house of the driver of the car. They end up sleeping together, but there are complications. Good complications (good as in fun to read, not good as in positive and/or happy for the characters XD;). The angst wasn't too excessive and made me laugh a lot. The ending? Just as it should be. There's quite a bit of sex that's actually pretty hot (as opposed to tiresome and too many pages long as in too many BL novels). Anything more would be spoilerish, and it's more fun just reading the thing. Last but not least, there is pretty art. XD

Hazuki wakes up confused. He's in some strange house with a strange guy looking over him and he has a splitting headache. Hazuki is a new college student whose apartment building has burned down. He'd been staying at the room of a co-worker of his part-time job, but he'd run away when the co-worker tried to get Hazuki to "pay" for his stay with his body. He'd wandered the night, lost, sleeping at some doorway to pass the night, fevered, until he was hit by a car (a glancing blow) and collapsed. Luckily for him the driver takes responsibility, takes him home and has a doctor (his friend) check Hazuki out.

When Sou, the driver, finds out that Hazuki has no place to stay, he and his doctor friend Riichi convince him to stay at Sou's house. They can't allow this sick kid to wander out to look for shelter so far away from home (his parents live in a distant province).

Hazuki had planned on leaving and finding a place of his own as soon as he got well, but he made the ankle he's sprained in the accident worse. He lays around the house, reading manga, not going to school and having quit his job (he didn't want to run into his would-be rapist). Sou also hangs around the house, with women with whom Sou seems to be sleeping with coming by and doing the housework. Hazuki asks Riichi about Sou while Riichi checks his ankle. Riichi tells Hazuki that Sou is a 37-year-old artist (Japanese art) who had been a gigolo (and is still kind of one) and doesn't really care about anything, including himself. Sou enters in the middle of the conversation, not particularly concerned that they are talking about him. When Riichi admonishes Sou for not telling Hazuki anything, Sou responds that he hadn't said anything because he hadn't been asked anything.

Hazuki tries to do some housework to repay Sou's kindness, but Sou proposes Hazuki be his model instead (he wouldn't have to stand on his leg). After some time, during which Hazuki has a hard time staying still, Sou decides they should take a break. He smokes. Hazuki notices the mole under Sou's lip and suddenly feels like licking it. He's shocked at his own impulse and has a hard time looking at Sou when they start again. Sou comments on how light-colored Hazuki is. Hazuki tells Sou that he'd been called a particular type of candy as a child (not as a compliment) because of his coloring, but Sou responds that Hazuki does indeed look like he'd be delicious if licked. When Sou laughs and licks his lips and ponders actually licking Hazuki, Hazuki is a bit freaked out. He's already having weird thoughts, he can't handle things getting weirder. He threatens to stop modeling if Sou says more weird stuff, and leaves.

Alone in his room Hazuki mulls over his weird feelings. He concludes that he's just sexually frustrated because he hadn't even masturbated since being in Sou's house. It just felt wrong to do it in someone else's house. He goes to the bathroom. On the way back he hears a woman's voice. He remembers Sou mentioning a guest would be coming over later, and wonders who it could be. Sou had never treated the women who came by and did housework as guests. But when Hazuki nears the room he hears the sound of sex. He sees the two having sex, in particular the woman in ecstasy and finds himself hard. Sou notices him, smirks and starts to fuck the woman harder. Hazuki escapes to his room and jerks himself off.

Hazuki doesn't leave his room to eat that night, despite his hunger. He's too embarrassed, he doesn't want to run into Sou. He decides to hurry up and find an apartment. He had planned on waiting till his ankle completely healed, but now he doesn't think he'd be comfortable in the house. Then he'll get a cute girlfriend and have a healthy sex life that won't include weird feelings towards (admittedly sexy) men. Sou barges in and tells Hazuki that there's unagi. He is completely normal towards Hazuki. Hazuki apologizes to Sou for being a peeping tom. Sou didn't think it was a big deal, but realizes that the situation might have been a little much for a kid like Hazuki. He comments that Hazuki had been hard. Hazuki makes an excuse that he'd been without sex since coming to Tokyo. Sou offers to introduce Hazuki to an easy woman, but Hazuki declines. He'd rather not have sex with some random person. Sou then offers to fix the loose bandage around Hazuki's ankle. Hazuki refuses help, shaken because he'd actually mistaken Sou's offer as a sexual advance at first, but Sou fixes the bandage anyway. Sou casually offers to take care of "that" as well. Hazuki wonders what Sou means, since he only has one bandage. Sou reaches towards Hazuki's crotch, which causes Hazuki to scoot back on his butt quickly. Sou claims that Hazuki's expression is very lascivious. Hazuki denies it and hides his face, worried that maybe his face is looking lascivious. In any case, he is no match for Sou and ends up getting very well-fucked. Twice. Nothing like "cleaning out the ass in the bathroom" as an excuse to start a second round, after all...

After that Hazuki tells Sou he's leaving, but Sou claims that Hazuki can't move out because Hazuki is the model for his next work. Hazuki ends up living at Sou's house. Sou lives his odd lifestyle with the many women sex partners, but in addition he sometimes has Hazuki as well. Hazuki can't fault Sou for the situation but it's very confusing and trying for him. He's never felt such pleasure during sex before, making him lose sight of everything except that pleasure. He knows that he could stop things if he really rejected Sou's advances since Sou doesn't get that attached to people in general. But he can't.

Hazuki starts attending school and realizes that he's not interested in cute girls. Nor is he interested in guys. He's only interested in Sou. He wants Sou to be his and his alone, but he knows he can't tell Sou that. It'd be totally pointless, considering how Sou is. He's invited to a go-kon but refuses, making the excuse that he doesn't have the money even though the real reason is that he's just not interested. He comes home from school to find the door open. He's exasperated, thinking that Sou had again forgotten to lock the door after one of the women had left. He heads inside only to discover a burglar. They struggle until the burglar gets the better of Hazuki and starts to beat him up. The burglar whips out a knife and threatens Hazuki. He cuts Hazuki's arm. Sou comes home at this point and barges into the scene. When he sees Hazuki hurt he goes nuts and beats the shit out the burglar. Luckily Riichi is there to stop Sou from killing the guy.

Hazuki is taken to the hospital to get stitches and spends several days there. Riichi is surprised at Sou's reaction, surmising that Sou had lost it because it was Hazuki that had been in danger.

When Hazuki is discharged he spends some time at home recovering. Sou is glued to him. They don't have sex, they just spend all their time together. Hazuki is incredibly happy because he has Sou all to himself. Sou had broken off with all of his sex partners, even his "patron" (the woman Hazuki had seen having sex with Sou, who uses Sou to fulfill her sexual needs in exchange for buying his "not very good"--Sou's words--art, with her husband's blessing since Sou can't have children). Sou is incredibly attentive to Hazuki, noticing Hazuki wearing only long-sleeve shirts out to hide the scar from the knife wound on his arm and buying Hazuki (expensive) clothing (and other things). Hazuki hesitates accepting such expensive gifts, but does so because Sou looks so happy.

One day when Hazuki comes home he sees one of Sou's women yelling outside his door. She wants to know why Sou had broken things off with her. She apologizes for whatever she did, but Sou just tell her that he's tired of her. As she leaves, crying, she spots Hazuki and tells him not to feel too superior since he'll soon be cast aside as well. Hazuki then runs into Sou's patron, who'd come to discuss business but decides to come another day. She takes Hazuki to a cafe and warns him that for Sou, sex is meaningless. It's a way for him to have intimate contact with someone else. Otherwise he'll have nightmares. The patron tells Hazuki that he needs to be able to think of his relationship with Sou as purely physical or break things off with him. Hazuki tries to bury his anxiety by initiating sex that night...

Hazuki continues to model for Sou, receiving money for it as Sou doesn't want Hazuki to get a job. They often have sex during the sessions, with Sou sometimes drawing Hazuki while they have sex. In one scene Sou tells Hazuki to move if he wants satisfaction as he's busy drawing. XD; Afterwards, Hazuki gets a call from his mom. His mom is insanely attached to Hazuki, always wanting to know everything about his life. Hazuki explains his situation to Sou, even telling Sou the secret that he's not his father's real son. His real father is a bastard who tried to abort Hazuki by kicking Hazuki's mom in the stomach when he found out she was pregnant.

After that Sou stays out a lot. He starts bringing women home, having sex everywhere in the house regardless of Hazuki's presence. Finally one day Hazuki comes home to see a pair of women's shoes. Praying that he won't run into the woman he goes to his room, only to find Sou and his patron lounging about after sex. Hazuki is hurt and shocked. He realizes that Sou has tired of him and decides to move out. Riichi tries to convince Hazuki not to since he think Hazuki is the only thing that will save Sou. But when Riichi tries to talk to Sou Sou only says cold cruel things that hurt Hazuki.

The next day is Sou's birthday. Hazuki had initially planned a party for Sou but has given up on the plan. He does still want to give him a gift in thanks, but when he goes to see Sou Sou is busy getting it on with Riichi's nephew. Sou is dismissive, but Hazuki catches a spark of lust in Sou's eyes. He realizes the lust is not for Riichi's nephew but for him. He masturbates while Sou has sex with the nephew, until the nephew leaves as it's obvious Sou is turned on by Hazuki.

Hazuki wants Sou to be forthright and admit that he's attracted to Hazuki. Sou does admit it. He then confesses that he's Hazuki's real father. After hearing Hazuki's story about his mother he did some research. He realized he hadn't escaped his curse but wanted Hazuki to at least be free, so he tried to push Hazuki away. Turns out Sou is traumatized from the suicide of the only woman he'd loved--his older half-sister. They hadn't known the fact, they'd thought they were just cousins (because Sou was actually the product of brother-sister incest), but his parents had known. They'd been against the relationship, and Sou had given in to their disapproval and had gotten another woman. His sister had thought he'd betrayed her and had killed herself.

Hazuki is happy beyond all belief to hear that Sou hadn't tired of him, that in fact, Sou is obsessed with him. So he tells Sou that he's just as drawn to Sou as Sou is to him. Sou warns Hazuki that once he steps over the bounds he can't return, but Hazuki is fine with it. Sou tells Hazuki that they can fall to hell together, and they have sex. And live happily ever after (in incestuous madness)?

I liked these two. They are really sweet together, and the only thing "wrong" with them is that they fuck like bunnies. I think I just prefer incest when they KNOW they're related but can't help themselves, so something like this seems kind of tame. XD;

Hazuki carried by Sou to see the doctor.

Hazuki jerking himself off after getting aroused seeing Sou fuck his patron.

Sou coming onto Hazuki.


Sou coming to Hazuki after having beat the crap out the burglar.

Sou showing off Hazuki to Riichi and Riichi's nephew.

Bathroom sex!

Hazuki touching himself as Sou fucks Riichi's nephew.

[User Picture]From: hpstrangelove
2009-01-13 12:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the pics and the summary - I always enjoy reading (and seeing ;-) these!
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2009-01-15 05:29 am (UTC)
You're welcome!
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