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once more, with feeling [Jan. 23rd, 2009|09:36 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |blankblank]

I can't sleep. I'm tired, but I can't sleep. UGH.

I want a shiny, new song to be addicted to. Haven't had a song that made me listen to it on repeat for days in a while...

This week has been a bit odd for me. This morning I woke up, totally thought it was Friday (wishful thinking, perhaps?), and dressed casually (we have casual Fridays). It was only at mid-morning that I realized that it was actually Thursday and I was not dressed appropriately. I felt bad for a while, but decided to act like I meant to dress this way (like I was going on a site visit to a construction site or something). It was a very comfortable day, if anything. I also forgot to wake up early for the Inauguration. For some reason I didn't realize that the swearing in was at noon and that the East Coast is six hours ahead...Thus I should've woken up at 6. I woke up at 6:30, yay!

Some articles on food I saw in the newspaper last week and forgot about:

Simple techniques to try Nobu way at home

Fresh Start for a New Year? Let’s Begin in the Kitchen by Mark Bittman: I hate IN/OUT type lists, but he has a bunch of interesting ideas in this one.