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my lover lies to me three times, or crap that pissed me off enough i wrote a lot about it - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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my lover lies to me three times, or crap that pissed me off enough i wrote a lot about it [Feb. 16th, 2009|10:36 pm]
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Koibito wa sando uso wo tsuku by Ikedo Yuko and illustrated by Shindoh Mayuri is one of those infuriating stories where the character we are told is a professional or an expert at something at the beginning goes on to do everything WRONG so that he can be the damsel in distress to be rescued. Throw in some naked in chains and you have the whole package. Ugh.

Kunieda Akira is a guy who will do whatever his clients want him to do, which seems to be mostly obtaining things--information, objects, etc. He first worked for a company, then his own office, now freelancing. A client asks him to find out if a certain guy has a certain tattoo on his body. Luckily, Kunieda knows this certain guy. He's the owner of the coffee shop he frequents. A very good looking guy, very nice, totally Kunieda's type (The author seems to imply that Kunieda was straight but learned to fuck guys--and like it--for his job). When the coffee shop owner, Minazuki Shougo, asks him on a date Kunieda says yes. They eventually sleep together (Kunieda ends up bottoming even though he's used to topping--he doesn't complain, tho.) and Kunieda does find the tattoo. He reports it to the client, who tells him something that shocks him. Minazuki Shougo is "M!" Who is M? Why, M is the best of the best in the trade. The guy Kunieda thought of as a rival, to whom Kunieda lost to in a "contest" set up by a client, who'd dropped off the face of the earth soon after the "contest," leaving Kunieda the loser. M had stolen something from the client and the client wanted it back. First problem crops up here--there's no mention of Kunieda doing any research on Minazuki to confirm his client's assertion. Does he take this dude's claim at face value? The client has been established as a skeevy guy, besides you'd think people like Kunieda would always check the facts no matter what the source. Does he have a "spidey sense" that tells him Minazuki is M?

In any case, Kunieda keeps up his relationship with Minazuki so that he can get a clue to where the item--a ring--is. Unfortunately, every time he goes over to Minazuki's apartment he's fucked to exhaustion. He can't check out the apartment!

There's a short side-trip down memory lane where we learn that Kunieda is the star in a popular illegal gang bang porn video. Kunieda has no memory of participating in such a thing, and it looks like he's drugged in the video, so they trace back how it could've happened. Kunieda remembers a friend who'd turned bad and had started owing lots of money to bad people and suspects that he'd been drugged and sold by that friend. They confront the production staff (connected to the yakuza, of course) and beat everyone up until one of them confesses that he was one of the guys in the video. He confirms Kunieda's suspicion that his friend had set him up. This kind of shatters Kunieda, because he'd been so good to the friend and had been so betrayed. Minazuki tracks down the friend, who'd gotten even seedier in the intervening years, so that Kunieda could confront him. When Kunieda doesn't punch the guy out, Minazuki does it for him. Minazuki comforts Kunieda, telling Kunieda he needs to forgive himself for cutting that friend off eventually. The friend didn't deserve his kindness and pity. This is another stupid development that makes no sense. Normal people can't track down illegal porn video production houses and beat up gangsters. Why doesn't Kunieda wonder why Minazuki doesn't suspect him of being someone also in the trade? Even if Minazuki doesn't already know, wouldn't he wonder at Kunieda's acceptance of his resourcefulness? A normal person would ask if he used a detective agency, but Kunieda just accepts that Minazuki had done all the tracking himself--or at least, that's what it seemed like to me.

Kunieda manages to find a possible clue to the ring--there was a map in Minazuki's car with a country villa marked out. He breaks in, only to find out it was a trap. His client, a collector of beautiful things, wants to make Kunieda part of his collection. He locks Kunieda up. He loves to touch Kunieda (with gloves, like all of his beautiful things) and make Kunieda come. He's not sexually excited, he's entranced by Kunieda's beauty. There's also some drugging so that the client can get even better responses from Kunieda. I think it was supposed to be creepy and violating, but it was just so silly I laughed at the entire situation. It's hard to believe, especially since the client had made a pass at Kunieda before!

Guess what happens? Minazuki to the rescue! Turns out Minazuki had been hired by the client to "test" Kunieda for some uber-special job. He was told that Kunieda had passed when he'd found the villa location and had left for the assignment. But he suspected something was fishy when Kunieda didn't confront Minazuki for deceiving him. Kunieda does feel very betrayed, so Minazuki has to confess that he'd fallen in love with Kunieda when he'd first caught a glimpse of him a long time ago. Kunieda had been famous as "K" back then (yeah, these people don't believe in original code names). After the "contest" he learned that Kunieda resented him. It kind of broke MInazuki's desire to work in the trade and he retired. He decided to watch the one thing he loved--Kunieda. So he bought a condo that had a perfect view of Kunieda's house and bought the coffee shop Kunieda frequented. Then he'd been approached by skeevy client for the job. Kunieda angsts but accepts Minazuki's offer that they become "partners." They have sex there (or was it only heavy petting?) for the client's video camera (to piss the client off--Minazuki makes comments about how he can make Kunieda so hot and wanting so easily) and escape. They both steal something from the client's collection. They stop off at a hotel. Kunieda urges Minazuki to take a shower, apparently in preparation for sex. Kunieda slips away at that point.

I think Kunieda decides to disappear because the client will be very angry when he learns that Kunieda and some other things have disappeared. It'd be safer if they were not together. Also, he doesn't want to be hurt again. Kunieda ends up working at a coffee shop (lingering attachment much?). He's actually a bit surprised when Minazuki walks in one day. They are interrupted by a yakuza who demands they return something important to the client. Turns out Minazuki had stolen something VERY VERY important--I think it was proof of illegal activity. Drugs, maybe? I don't remember. In any case, Minazuki is stabbed by the yakuza and is taken to the hospital.

Turns out that Minazuki had planned on getting stabbed. He wasn't going to meet the client. He had already passed the info to the authorities and wanted to a) make it clear that the client had ties with the yakuza and b) get the client into more hot water with the assault. He wanted to prevent Kunieda from being targeted again. Kunieda criticizes Minazuki's plan as full of holes (HA! Look who's talking!), which Minazuki freely admits. He can't "think clearly" when it comes to Kunieda. How he thinks they can partner up in the trade is a mystery, but I guess love will overcome everything? In any case, they have sex in the hospital room and have a bright future ahead of them. Or so we are told to believe...