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i really need more sleep... - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i really need more sleep... [Feb. 26th, 2009|08:58 pm]
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I was so right about becoming fanfic obsessed. I read a lot of fics. I slept very little. I managed to keep going with severe lack of sleep. Until today. I crashed a bit at work. I think I need to take a break from reading fanfic...Besides the fact that too many are...lacking. There were a couple of LONG and MEATY ones that really satisfied me, though none of them were actually good. The only problem is that they were all WIP so I'll be stalking those sites...If I can remember which of the bookmarked sites those fics are on. It's so easy to lose track...

The first fic I got sucked into, the badfic I mentioned first? That one was a lock the uke up and fuck him silly until he submits one. The major problem with this one is that the author has ended up turning the two into typical "victim" and possessive bastard. What initially made me want to know more was the twisted backstory the author came up with: the Uchiha Sharingan runs through the femaies, the Uchiha don't have many children, and they seem to do better when they breed closely related people. So when they had a generation lacking females they experimented with a potion to turn one of the boys into a girl. It succeeded and they had the female have sex with (the author actually used the term "copulate with") various males until she got pregnant. The guy who got her pregnant convinced the elders to let him marry her. Of course this resulted in Itachi. The bargain they had to agree to was that the second child would be subjected to the same potion and be married to his brother. I love twisted backstories like this. XD; Of course none of this happens because Itachi kills the clan and runs off. In this fic Naruto (now Hokage) conveniently finds the scroll with the info, then digs around the Uchiha compound until he finds another scroll with the potion recipe. He deceives Sakura into making it. His goal is to use it on Sasuke because Sasuke is about to marry some girl to continue the clan, despite the fact that Naruto showed him the scroll and so he knows that the Sharingan won't appear unless Sasuke has a girl who has children...

I appreciated the fact that Naruto did some back room dealings to get the important people to agree to his plan on turning Sasuke female and passing on his and Sasuke's genes through the children they have together. He'd schemed well up to this point. It all goes well and he has Sasuke at his mercy. Which results in lots of sex. Sasuke can't use chakra for some reason (there was some retarded explanation that was really an excuse to have Sasuke helpless that I kind of skipped). At first Sasuke is satisfyingly angry and stuff, but he quickly becomes WAAAAY too passive. In the end he accepts Naruto's "love." (gags)

The most interesting person in this story is actually Sakura. She had an appropriately dramatic reaction when she realized Naruto had tricked her. But then she decides that Naruto really loves Sasuke (despite his actions in totally fucking up Sasuke's life) and becomes Sasuke's doctor so that Sasuke can become pregnant. Sasuke eventually does become pregnant, but Naruto snaps and becomes jealous and angry when he thinks that what helped Sasuke get pregnant was some lingering bit of Itachi in Naruto (I'm not sure how Itachi got into Naruto--is this some kind of canon thing or something this author made up?). Sakura witnesses Naruto brutally fucking Sasuke and is shocked at the savagery. (What is completely baffling is how Sakura didn't realize that Naruto was a brutal bastard from her examinations of Sasuke as Sasuke's OB-GYN.) She does a flip-flop and decides that Sasuke really shouldn't be with Naruto and helps Sasuke escape. Sakura and Naruto have a great confrontation during which Naruto hits Sakura and Sakura stands up to Naruto. Unfortunately the story has only gotten to this point. I am sort of resigned to Sasuke as a passive object to be fought over, but I'm hoping he's allowed to be his own person. I have a little more hope that Naruto will stop being such a simple-minded jealous bastard that thinks with his dick, but who knows? The author seems pretty content in having the two play their roles. Like I said earlier, Sakura is the most 3D character in this fic. I just hope she is allowed to be slightly more consistent.

I want Sasuke to have the kid and to become a dysfunctional mom. It'd be great if he is a single mom. I do not want a fluffy normal domestic scene, but I'll probably be disappointed. :P