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random bunch of crap thrown into one post - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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random bunch of crap thrown into one post [Mar. 6th, 2009|07:56 pm]
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I saw DN Angel had a new volume (in how many years) and couldn't resist--I bought it. Flipped through it, found the origin explanation kind of odd, but what really got me was that I had no idea what the hell was going on. I have no idea where my earlier volumes are so I'm stuck with a manga full of prettiness that makes very little sense to me.

I also want Hiwatari/Niwa to be canon. They would be good for each other (and really adorable!). Not that I don't think that girl is bad for Niwa, just that Hiwatari would be better. XD;

I love that the 25 songs that all women love list at the debonair magazine blog has embedded music videos (though some have already been removed due to copyright violations...). I do love Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know," but I hadn't know how bad the video was. XD; Also, the hair! The makeup! It's all so dated. Though I think Bon Jovi's hair in "Livin' On a Prayer" is worse....

Kittens inspired by kittens: so cute!

I found several more Japanese Naruto fanfic sites with good entertaining fanfic. Ah, Japanese fandom, how I've missed you. The lack of archives and recs. The bizarre choice of backgrounds and fonts. The one-sentence paragraphs each ending in ellipses. And the annoying hidden pages of smut. A new chapter of that badfic I described earlier was updated with an awesome chapter. It was Sasuke POV. He is told by Sakura that his former team from Sound has been contacted and will meet him somewhere outside of the village. He runs, battling fatigue, in very heavy rain. There's some minor angst about how he'd been betrayed after he'd accepted being Naruto's bitch and some marveling at how awesome Sakura had become. Then Naruto catches him and declares how he'll never let him go....I assume there will be sex rape. In the rain. With a heartbroken, pregnant, and weakened victim. I prefer my ukes a bit less disadvantaged, but this chapter made Sasuke seem less pathetic (and passive). And really praised Sakura up the wazoo. XD;

bookshop wrote up a McShep Primer that made me cackle. She starts of fabulously:

Forgive me if I don’t spend too much time (or any) time going over who the characters are and why you should like them. Really, there’s only one thing you need to know about Stargate: Atlantis and the McShep pairing, and that is the following:

The fanfic is incredible.

And just keeps going. She also has some author and fic recs, which I don't always agree with (there are some on that list I found less than "meh," let alone rec-worthy).