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manga and fanfic, the story of my life - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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manga and fanfic, the story of my life [Apr. 5th, 2009|08:19 pm]
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I checked out the scanlation group Vices and Devices to see if they finally had the next Ore ni koishite dousunda! by Yoneda Kou, and was disappointed by the horribly misleading title of their newest update post. I did see that they have a new release of the wonderful Doushiyoumo nai keredo by Natsume Isaku, which led me to reread the series. I even tried reading the chapters with another couple at the end of the second volume. The characters are not particularly engaging (I have a problem with guys who constantly tease the object of their affections in order to get attention, especially if they don't realize their own feelings. I guess I like bastards more than jerks. XD;). The short chapter about their last day in junior high was lovely, though. Slightly bitter, juxtaposed with cherry blossoms, incredibly pointless.

I also reread the bit in Tightrope....I want more Doushiyoumo nai keredo! ;_; Will she write more???

In any case, back to Yoneda Kou. She has a blog where she posts work info (http://dororororo.blog92.fc2.com/blog-category-1.html). Looks like she has steady work, though she hasn't done a chapter of Ore ni koishite dousunda! since September...Did it end in that chapter or is it going to take forever for her to finish it and for a volume to be released? GAH.

Switching gears, I am still reading Japanese Naruto fanfics. It's sad how I faithfully check certain sites to see if they've updated. Mostly I've been disappointed. I randomly read some English fics as well and rather enjoyed But a Little Thing by kaorismash, a Kakashi/Sasuke "songfic" (it's a fic set to a real live song that you can listen to while it plays). Frankly, I don't understand the Kakashi/Sasuke pairing (I've come across it in various fanfic sites and have read some). But this fic doesn't really require belief in this pairing, it's so generic. But I think it really works with the song. XD