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good bl to cleanse the palate [Apr. 19th, 2009|07:51 am]
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Usotsuki wa dare da by Yukimura is so cliched and so silly, but left me feeling happy. It's about childhood friends who'd grown apart because one friend had caught the other fooling around with a guy and had said some mean things. Gay boy wishes he could be close friends with the other guy, but the other guy is cold to him. Gay boy is a sweet guy with simple wants. When his grandfather's visit brings his friend around, gay boy desperately wants it to lead to normalcy between them. It goes that way, but then gay boy discovers feelings for his friend he'd never had before....Things turn out all right for the two, of course, but what made me smile was how dorky the two turned out. Especially the friend. They seemed like fumbling teenagers in the best sense of the term. Not even the clunky translation of the scanlation (which I randomly found on my hard drive) could ruin it. This is definitely going into my wish list for future purchase.

This is just a bit odd. I like it.

So dorky! So cute!

inga_b shares some VERY pretty pictures from the NON-BL yet massively suggestive manga Adekan v. 1 by Tsukiji Nao here. I love the lithe bodies doing awesome fighting...and suggestive posing. XD;