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new site found! [May. 14th, 2009|07:06 pm]
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[Current Mood |enthralledenthralled]

AMKZ (http://amkz.jpn.org/) is a fairly new Naruto fanfic site with two longish fics, one WIP and one completed. I first read the modern day AU WIP and laughed all through it. Naruto is a happy-go-lucky college student with a dead mother and a father always away on business, who spends a lot of his time having sex. Shikamaru is his sarcastic yet mostly sympathetic friend (I love Shikamaru as sarcastic yet sympathetic friend in these types of AUs). Naruto works at a convenience store. One day he has a run-in with a customer, a very mouthy high school student. Obviously this is Sasuke. Naruto waits for Sasuke to show up so that he can say something rude back to him, but after the first encounter Sasuke more or less ignores him. Naruto finally decides to do something--he gives Sasuke a condom and tells him he should loosen up and have fun. Naruto sincerely meant it (more or less), but Sasuke does not take it well. He punches Naruto. When Naruto relates this to Shikamaru later, Shikamaru nearly headdesks and tells Naruto he was wrong and a dork and should totally apologize the next time he sees Sasuke. In any case, the way they just rub each other wrong is just plain hilarious. The best part? Itachi as gentle yet very observant, very protective, and very scary older brother. I love love love modern AUs.

The other fic is set in canon, after Itachi dies. Naruto and Sasuke have another humongous fight and Naruto manages to drag Sasuke back to Konoha. After Sasuke heals he is questioned, then released into Naruto's custody. Naruto has to watch Sasuke 24/7, except when on missions when someone in Anbu watches Sasuke. Sometimes these types of fics get too angsty and/or sappy, but for the most part this was very pleasant. The day-to-day life of the two and how Sasuke totally sucks at making emotional connections is very sweet. There isn't romance for most of the fic, it develops over time. Sasuke losing his eyesight due to the Magenkyo Sharingan is also pretty well done. There's adorable Team 7 interaction, a lovely meteor watching party, and the timely intervention of a ghost to bring the two together. Yeah, the ghost is a bit much, but it still ended up working. Naruto gets a pocket watch from a ghost, which on impulse he gives to Sasuke. He lies that he bought it, and feels guilty when Sasuke seems to treasure it. When Sasuke loses it during a mission and tries to look for it, Naruto tells him they can always get another. Sasuke tells him he doesn't want a replacement. I am such a sucker for stuff like that. XD