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Chocolate mitsudo by Sakiya Haruhi and illustrated by Nekota Yonezou - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chocolate mitsudo by Sakiya Haruhi and illustrated by Nekota Yonezou [May. 15th, 2009|08:27 pm]
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Chocolate mitsudo by Sakiya Haruhi and illustrated by Nekota Yonezou is a supremely conventional story that I love to pieces. It's about a young guy, not particularly sharp or especially stupid, who is thrown into a very confusing and distressing situation--a very sexy, very overpowering man swoops in and fucks up his life. There are so many things about it I'd usually hate, but somehow this author made this character so appealing to me that I just feel for him instead of picking apart the story. Also, the art is pretty! There are cute dogs! I even love reading the sex scenes! There is almost no bad in this book for me. XD

Shiroyama Kouji is a carefree college student who enjoys clubbing and having casual sex with both guys and girls. He's introduced to a part-time job dog-sitting two adorable Corgis for a sculptor, Kazami Masato. Kazami is not only talented, he's uber hot. But there's no instant attraction between the two. Kouji is a good kid and works hard. Kazami takes a shine to him. Unfortunately, things completely change thanks to a misunderstanding...

Kouji is introduced to a dog-sitting job for the sculptor Kazami. He's a bit intimidated by Kazami, but he is polite and isn't pushy. He does his job well, and thoroughly enjoys taking care of the dogs. They'd been abandoned by some unscrupulous pet shop owner in the mountains and found by Kazami. He'd ended up taking them in. Since he goes away to do his work he hires sitters for the dogs.

Over time Kouji finds Kazami's house very comfortable. Kazami is a bit rough and sometimes a bit mean, but he has taken a liking to Kouji. He even cooks dinner for Kouji when he comes home early one day while Kouji is washing the dogs.

At the club one night Kouji meets up with Miharu, a gorgeous but fucked up guy he's slept with before. They are interrupted when Kouji is called over to Kazami's house.

For some reason Kazami has a feast spread out for Kouji. Turns out Kazami had remembered Kouji blurting out his birthday the first time they had met and had bought a dinner in celebration. Kouji would be happy, except that Kazami is in a foul mood.

After the meal Kouji finds he can't get up...He's been drugged. Kazami tells Kouji that he's such a fool to trust so blindly as Kouji loses consciousness...

Kouji wakes up tied to the bed. Unfortunately for Kouji, a woman had been harassing Kazami to sleep with her for a while. Kouji had slept with her once, not knowing she was married. The woman had implicated Kouji as part of her harassment, and Kazami, pissed, decides to take it out on Kouji. He tortures Kouji with toys, trying to get him to confess. Kouji is devastated by the betrayal and the complete unfairness of Kazami targeting him instead of going after the true harasser. Especially since Kouji had only slept with the woman once and had no part of the harassment. He's also freaked out by the agony of too much drawn-out pleasure.

In the end Kazami does believe Kouji's protestations, but he's become aroused in the process and fucks Kouji. Kouji had slept with guys before, but had never bottomed. He is freaked out by Kazami's size, but he has no choice in the matter. Only after lots and lots and lots of sex is he let go.

Kouji vows to never see the raping bastard again. He ignores Kazami's calls, but accidentally answers once. Kazami claims the dogs are wasting away without Kouji, and sends him a picture as proof. Kouji doesn't quite believe Kazami but is a bit worried. The "proof," however, turns out to be a picture of Kouji during the horrible experience.

Kouji rushes over to Kazami's house and storms into Kazami's room to delete the photos from his computer. But there is no computer in Kazami's room. There is only the big bed that Kazami pushes him onto. They have lots and lots of sex again, this time with absolutely no pain for Kouji after he complains about how bad off he was after the last time.

They go back to Kouji dog-sitting, but with lots and lots of sex thrown in. Kouji doesn't know what to think about anything. How can he forgive Kazami after that awful experience? Why is he just going along?

Kazami takes Kouji and the dogs up to his cabin in the mountains where he does his work. There, Kouji realizes that he's actually in love with Kazami. He asks Kazami what the two of them are. Are they boyfriends? Kazami hasn't even thought about anything like that. Kouji is hurt, and decides to break things off for good this time.

Kouji cuts off all contact with Kazami and stays over at Miharu's place. Miharu indulges him like a mother-hen. Miharu drags Kouji to the club and abandons him to find a man. Kouji runs into two kouhai, one boy and one girl (one of whom is the main character of two books that this volume is a spin-off from--those are great books, too XD) . Kouji had actually taken the male kouhai's virginity, but he'd figured out that the kouhai had been in love with someone else and kinda felt bad about the whole situation. He finds both of his kouhai adorable. They joke and laugh and Kouji suggests they have a threesome (he'd slept with the girl before as well). Kazami shows up, feels Kouji up, says all kinds of dirty things, and makes Kouji want to die of embarrassment because he can't help but act like a frightened rabbit around Kazami. Kazami drags Kouji out and takes him home. Miharu had called Kazami and had even offered to have a threesome, but Kazami had refused. He tells Kouji to be a good boy and he won't be so mean to him. He's exasperated that Kouji has made him come after him. When they get to Kazami's house they have lots and lots of sex. Kazami makes Kouji say all kinds of embarrassing things, but particularly "I love you."

They go back to the same pattern, except this time Kazami is a lot more demanding of Kouji's time. He wants Kouji around constantly. Once, when Kouji had gone out to drink with classmates from high school, he'd been called home by Kazami. When he'd initially resisted, Kazami "punishes" him with a toy (that is not described in detail) that he'd bought after the time Kazami had dragged Kouji from the club.

One night when Kouji is out walking the dogs (uncomfortably, because Kazami had fucked him good the last couple of days), he runs into the boy kouhai, Usami. Usami had been a bit worried for Kouji after that night at the club. Kazami had made quite an impact. Usami asks if Kazami is Kouji's boyfriend. When Kouji replies that he's not sure what they are, but probably more like fuck buddies and not a couple. Usami tells Kouji that Kazami had been full of jealousy and possessiveness that night. Kouji confesses that they'd started the relationship with Kazami drugging him and raping him over a misunderstanding. Usami marvels at the craziness of their situation, but can clearly see that Kouji is in love with Kazami. Usami thinks that Kouji is wrong about Kazami. He thinks Kazami is way more into Kouji than Kouji thinks he is. He points out that Kouji's back is covered with huge, dark hickeys. Kouji takes a look and is amazed. How'd he not even notice them? How'd he not notice them being made? He'd been too far gone in the sex...Usami advises Kouji to be cuter around Kazami. Let Kazami indulge him. Beg him for things. Kouji can't even imagine being adorable like Usami, but Usami assures Kouji that he's actually become quite adorable.

When Kazami comes home a week later, Kouji tries to have a serious talk to Kazami. Kazami makes a dirty joke about sex play, and that pisses Kouji off. Kouji decides to leave, but Kazami wants to know what Kouji is all pissed off about. He grabs Kouji and tries to get Kouji to explain. Kouji doesn't see the point of it. Kazami figures Kouji's pissy mood will pass if he just says sorry, so he does. That just really gets to Kouji. He declares that he has feelings, too. He won't work for Kazami or see him anymore. Kouji doesn't understand why Kazami can't just find some willing partner instead of constantly forcing Kouji to have sex with him. Kazami gets pissed off as well. He demands to know just how stupid Kouji is to not know why Kazami would bother with an unwilling partner. He tells Kouji to explain what's going on. Kouji tells Kazami that he wants to stop since it's just for fun for Kazami. It's not like Kazami is in love with him or anything. Kazami demands to know who told Kouji that he didn't love Kouji. Kouji complains that Kazami treats him like a sex doll, disregarding his feelings and doing mean things to him in bed. Kazami tells Kouji that he's quite a sadist. Kouji retorts that he knows it all too well. Kazami asks Kouji if he knows that Kazami has to drive the person he loves into a corner. He can be nice to people he doesn't give a shit about, he's adult enough to do that. Kouji complains that Kazami always makes him say "I love you." Kazami asks if Kouji wants him to confess or something. But Kouji says he just wants some minimum amount of consideration. He wants sincerity, whatever that may be. Kazami coldly looks at Kouji and says that Kouji is just a plaything to him, that Kouji should just shut up and put out. Kazami goes on to say that he can't believe Kouji's words when Kouji makes such a distressed face, but Kouji isn't listening. He crumples to the ground and starts bawling.

Kouji cries out that he just wants to be treated kindly. He continues to cry for a while. He remembers Usami's words, but thinks that things won't work out for him like it does for Usami. He's not adorable, and Kazami isn't responding to his tears. He stands up and turns his back to Kazami to leave. Kazami grabs him and makes him turn around. Kazami looks troubled. He asks why Kouji took his words so seriously. Kouji tells Kazami that he's tired and doesn't care anymore. Kazami sighs and takes him into his arms. He apologizes seriously. He's not just playing with Kouji. He strokes Kouji's back as he tells Kouji that being boyfriends hadn't even crossed his mind, but it didn't mean that he wasn't for it...He hadn't realized that such word were so important to Kouji.

But the comfort doesn't last long because Kazami is turned on and wants to have sex. When Kouji demands words of love from Kazami, Kazami kisses Kouji deeply and tells him that he will treasure and love Kouji, in and out of bed....

And so they have sex and live happily...ever...after? With lots of teasing and meanness in bed? XD;

Like I said before, *very* conventional. And there's lots that I'd normally dislike here, especially the whole uke continuing to sleep with the seme even after being raped and/or being treated badly. Yet...I just really sympathized with Kouji. He's confused. He is overwhelmed by Kazami's amazing sexual prowess. He's in love. He wants to be loved. I want to pet him on the head, and am glad that he finally gets what he wants.

[User Picture]From: lazulisong
2009-05-16 03:18 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2009-05-17 05:27 am (UTC)
Corgis are so odd looking and yet SO CUTE. XD

Edited at 2009-05-17 05:28 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: phat008
2009-05-16 05:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing this summary! If only i can read Japanese, I'm sure i'd like this BL novel too...and YESSS Nekota Yonezou sensei's bois are lovely! ^___^
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2009-05-17 05:28 am (UTC)
Her art really works with this book, glad you enjoyed it!
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[User Picture]From: flyby311
2009-05-16 07:09 pm (UTC)
Awww, Kouji. D:

I... want to slam Kazami's head into the wall though.
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2009-05-17 05:29 am (UTC)
Kouji's such a cute thing. Kazami is an ass, but when he figures out Kouji's problem he isn't shy about giving what Kouji wants so I (mostly) forgive him. I suppose my standards are low because I've read too many stories with truly bastard semes. :P
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