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yet another stupid book [May. 22nd, 2009|10:47 pm]
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Kowareruhodo ni ubaitai by Asuma Risai and illustrated by Akasaka RAM is as stupid as the title, which can be translated to something like "I want to take almost to the point where you break." Basically it is about a boy who is lovely and fresh but doesn't realize it, who is in love with his best friend. Unfortunately his best friend is dating another guy. The other guy knows our main character likes best friend and decides to make sure the main character doesn't try anything in the patented seme method to fix everything--he rapes main character. Main character is devastated and traumatized, and is even more devastated and traumatized when the other guy keeps fucking him. I can't remember if they ever had sex at school, but I'd bet that they did. It's that kind of book.

What main character doesn't realize (because he's pretty damn dense) is that the other guy likes HIM, not best friend. It was pretty obvious from early on that main character had misunderstood his best friend's relationship with the other guy, who is best friend's childhood friend. Of course main character doesn't find out until the end of the book, after he suffers and angsts and weeps. He is afraid to interact with his best friend because other guy reacts badly, and he feels guilty that he's betraying his best friend even though the other guy is the one who initiates all the sex.

The most irritating thing about this book, and why I wish I hadn't bothered reading to the end, was that not only were best friend and other guy not a couple, but the best friend had actually been in love with main character. So the main character and his best friend had actually liked each other but had been hiding their feelings from each other. Other guy had realized that they'd eventually hook up and had taken action to make main character his, by fucking him over and over and over again. And insulting him, belittling him, all the wonderful things semes do to brainwash their ukes into falling in love with them. God, what a completely unromantic and unimaginative book with a stupid main character. Even the art was only so-so. The artist likes to draw her uke types too roundly for my tastes. It's horrifying that the only two reviews on amazon gave five stars to this book! I guess they like their semes as assholes. :P