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15 cm miman no koi by sunahara touko and illustrated by minamono mashiro - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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15 cm miman no koi by sunahara touko and illustrated by minamono mashiro [Jun. 27th, 2009|11:19 pm]
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15 cm miman no koi by Sunahara Touko and illustrated by Minamono Mashiro is about a guy who is very very tsundere and deeply in denial and how he figures out his feelings for his very very socially inept and frighteningly dense classmate from college...by becoming 15 cm tall. What makes it kind of fun to read is that both of them make or made dollhouses and he is the perfect size to live in them. How is that not awesome? Also, there are some very cute illustrations. Though I don't dislike this type of set-up, the extreme tsundere-ness of this particular guy was a bit wearisome...

So cute! This is the pic that made me buy the book. XD;

It all starts with Yukimi Yuuichi receiving a ticket for an exhibition from a classmate from art school, Fushikino Madoka. They'd been out of touch for years after graduating, during which Yukimi had gone into creating building models. He's so good at it he's been able to strike out on his own. Fushikino, on the other hand, has been working on making dollhouses. They'd both made dollhouses as a hobby in university, and Yukimi had thought of Fushikino as a rival. He'd also loathed Fushikino. Fushikino is one of those unique snowflakes, unable to follow complex and subtle social niceties. He'd take people at face-value and was rather really dense. His dollhouses weren't perfect replicas of real life, and were somehow off kilter. It touched the nerve of the very anal Yukimi. Fushikino had also disparaged Yukimi once by saying Yukimi wasn't suited towards art school. In any case, Yukimi has no clue why Fushikino would send him a ticket to an exhibition of his dollhouses, especially since there was no letter accompanying the ticket. He still does not like Fushikino and doesn't really want to see Fushikino's success in something he'd given up on, but he goes. And falls down the stairs and wakes up 15 cm.

It's the perfect size to live in a dollhouse and wear doll clothing. Fushikino buys some clothing for Yukimi and goes to Yukimi's house to pick up one of Yukimi's old houses for him to live in. Yukimi insists that he can't possibly live in one of Fushikino's off-kilter houses.

Of course there are always challenges when that small. In this case, one of the challenges is a cat that lives outside. It manages to get in one day while Fushikino is away. It tears up the dollhouse and chases Yukimi around. Yukimi hides in the toe of Fushikino's shoe and falls asleep. When Fushikino comes home he frantically searches for Yukimi until Yukimi wakes up and lets Fushikino know that he hadn't been eaten.

Another challenge is that Yukimi has a model to work on. Fushikino brings it to his house. Unfortunately building the model turns into a construction project since he is building a "life size" building at his current size. It is a lot of work. Fushikino helps out as well.

Then there's the weird sex incident that starts off with Yukimi falling into some cream, which Fushikino licks off. He keeps licking and then removes Yukimi's clothing and licks and prods some more. Yukimi, of course, is not pleased and struggles. But there's no contest. Fushikino rubs Yukimi to make him hard and to makes him come. The cream had been part of the celebration upon finishing Yukimi's model.

The day Fushikino is supposed to deliver the model in Yukimi's stead, the cat gets in again. And totally wrecks the model while trying to get at Yukimi. Yukimi, in the face of all that hard work gone, gives up. He doesn't want to bother fixing it. It makes Fushikino mad, but Yukimi is just tired.

Yukimi had to live in one of Fushikino's dollhouses after his got wrecked, and he comes to learn that Fushikino's dollhouse isn't as stupidly off-kilter as he'd thought. It was unique, with interesting details, but not totally messed up. He begins to realize that he hadn't hated Fushikino and his dollhouses nearly as much as he'd though he did. He also remembers Fushikino trying to arrange a meet up after graduation and him saying no.

When the whole thing began Yukimi had decided that this was all a dream. Fushikino hadn't objected, so all along he'd thought it was all a dream. But when Yukimi sneaks into Fushikino's bag one day they end up at the exhibition hall. Fushikino discovers Yukimi and tells Yukimi that he's the one who is dreaming. He explains that he'd always wanted Yukimi to be near him, and so this situation must be his fantasy. Turns out that Fushikino had sent Yukimi the ticket because he'd won an award. When he'd tried to arrange a hook up with Yukimi way back when he'd actually been trying to get Yukimi to date him, but Yukimi had misunderstood him. He'd rejected him anyway. But when Fushikino tried to press his case Yukimi told him that he'd do it if Fushikino's work was acclaimed. Yukimi had totally forgotten the "promise" but Fushikino had been diligently working at his dollhouses so that he could make Yukimi his. He'd been shocked to find that Yukimi had forgotten, but then Yukimi had fallen down the stairs and turned doll size.

In any case, Fushikino thinks this is HIS dream but he no longer wants it to continue since Yukimi has given up on his work. He hadn't actually disparaged Yukimi. He'd though Yukimi was more suited towards architecture instead of art, which is why he'd praised Yukimi's work creating models. Praise Yukimi took as insulting.

Yukimi argues that this is in fact HIS fantasy, since he's come to realize that he'd kind of wanted to be around Fushikino subconsciously. Fushikino throws himself down the stairs Yukimi had fallen down and Yukimi follows, not wanting to be left behind.

Yukimi wakes up in the hospital. Turns out he'd been in a coma since falling down the stairs. He HAD been dreaming. But then he's shocked to find out that Fushikino had also fallen down the stairs trying to save him and had also been unconscious. And had just woken up as well. They sneak out onto the roof and determine that they'd shared the same dream. Yukimi asks if Fushikino's story in the dream was true, about wanting to date after graduation. Fushikino says that it is true, that he loves Yukimi. When Yukimi asks why him, Fushikino replies that Yukimi is kind. He'd given Fushikino bread everyday during class. Yukimi had actually given Fushikino bread everyday because he didn't want to hear Fushikino's stomach growling and is exasperated at the reason. But Fushikino asks if Yukimi will be his. In response Yukimi kisses Fushikino.

Onto 1:1 scale love! Which I will summarize in brief because it's the retarded road to their first time. The first time Yukimi goes to visit Fushikino after they've become a thing Fushikino comes onto him as soon as he's in the door. Yukimi is not pleased because it's too sudden, there is a process, a flow that should be natural that leads to sex. Fushikino just wants sex since Yukimi is his, but he obediently goes along with Yukimi. When they get to the sex stage, Yukimi freaks out at Fushikino's dick size and runs off. He claims that there are steps that need to be taken, but won't elaborate what. He's thinking of going on dates, etc. Obviously he hasn't read enough BL novels to know that sex can often come first, even before the confession. In any case, he doesn't explain anything to Fushikino. He just tells Fushikino to figure it out himself.

Unfortunately Fushikino becomes busy with something and Yukimi feels rejected. At one point Yukimi also becomes very jealous because he learns that Fushikino is making a wedding chapel for someone. Of course it turns out that the wedding chapel is for Yukimi. Fushikino came up with his own process, which meant skipping all steps in between and proposing marriage to Yukimi. Which meant he had to build a wedding chapel. He wants to live with Yukimi and become a family with him. Yukimi, being a tsundere, can't be honest with his feelings (even though he totally wants sex and has a weird sex dream at one point), but Fushikino realizes he just needs to push. And so they have sex. And Yukimi grouches about Fushikino going for three rounds without even asking, but still agrees to live with Fushikino.

Yukimi feels very uncomfortable since Fushikino just *stares* at him instead of watching TV.

Yukimi has a dream about doll-sized sex with Fushimi.

They finally have sex.

[User Picture]From: wednesday_10_00
2009-06-29 01:50 am (UTC)
AUGH, the doll sex picture! D: That color picture is so cute, but...AUGH.
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2009-06-29 04:23 am (UTC)
Yeah, I was pretty squicked by the whole doll sex thing. It seems that I have trained myself to ignore the squick and focus on the parts I rather like.
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