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nemuru usagi again [Jul. 3rd, 2009|09:00 am]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

I just got through the reprint of the formerly out-of-print Nemuru Usagi by Konohara Narise (summarized here). While I still do love the story, why oh why did the art GET WORSE. I had to avoid looking at all the illustrations in the book because they'd almost ruin the story...And here I thought the illustrations in the original book were bad. I don't need super wonderful art, I'd just really appreciate it if they didn't make things worse. ;_;

There's an extra story in the reprint which I found...kind of pointless. Amusing, but pointless. It's from Kakimoto's POV years later, in which he still finds Takahashi and Kouichi's relationship discomforting. Turns out, though, that he'd actually had a gay experience. He'd realized at some point that one of his kouhais at work liked him that way, and the night of the kouhais goodbye celebration (kouhai was going overseas) he mentions the kouhai liking him. They go to Kakimoto's apartment since Kakimoto keeps saying "gay" in the middle of the street, and Kakimoto says some really insensitive things because he's trying to understand the mentality of gay people. In any case, they end up having sex. The kouhai goes away for two years, then returns. Kakimoto avoids going to the welcome back celebration, but runs into the kouhai anyway. This time they end up in kouhai's apartment, and have lotsa sex. The situation is so typical Konohara Narise, because to the end of the story Kakimoto can't accept any of it, but the kohai is all like "I love you" and all over Kakimoto. *shrugs* I am not a fan of turning supposedly straight friends/siblings/coworkers of the main characters gay in side stories, but this one was so silly (thanks to Kakimoto's incredible lack of manners) I just found it amusing. Also, Kakimoto needs someone to fuck him into a normal attitude towards relationships.