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akatsuki no sniper [Sep. 15th, 2009|07:49 pm]
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Akatsuki no sniper by Shuhdoh Rena and illustrated by Nara Chiharu doesn't really make sense, but was still a fun read. It was beyond silly...It felt thrown together and random, frankly. Take one former detective who quit after an "incident," a gorgeous assassin with dead eyes and a silly name who also is supposed to take out said former detective, and a really inane nefarious plot and the bizarre attempt at a cover-up, throw in random sex (really really random sex!), and voila! You have this fabulous book! I don't recommend it to anyone unless they are really bored and have low standards like me, but I wouldn't warn anyone away from it.

I really don't have the patience to fully flesh out the story, so I'll just hit the highlights. First, the assassin's name is Kamon Joh. The former detective, Satoh Taiga, thinks it's a joke at first because...Kamon Joh sounds like "Come on Joe." But no, it's apparently the assassin's "real" name. Second, Kamon had been hired by some mysterious guy who'd dumped money into his bank account and gave him the names of four people to kill. Two of them were already dead, but Kamon hadn't done it. He's kinda ticked off because it seemed that more than one assassin had been hired and it bothered him as a professional. He asks Taiga if he knows the other two and if he has any idea who'd want to kill him. Taiga has no idea at first. He doesn't react like a normal person would facing their death and is composed and rather silly. Which attracts Kamon's attention. Which results in Kamon later assaulting Taiga, during which Taiga stops breathing and passes out. Turns out Taiga had been raped. He'd been caught up in a bank robbery while tailing someone during his detective days, and had been raped publicly by the robber. He'd even ended up being written about in the news. In any case, that was the splendid incident that made him quit after a while. The detail that just gets me (besides the robber deciding to rape ANYONE during a bank robbery) is that the rape had been like a half an hour with the robber holding a gun to Taiga, with Taiga's colleagues only able to watch helplessly. Does this police department not have snipers or WHAT? In any case, back to the present. Kamon decides to "fix" Taiga's trauma by...raping him! Ahhh, the cock truly heals all wounds. In any case, Taiga does in fact feel pleasure this time, as opposed to the traumatic bad time during which it had been all pain and humiliation. And...it seems like I'm getting off track my plan on keeping things short and simple...

Okay, third is that when the other assassins (there are four) catch up to Taiga, they want to know what he knows about the job. At first he has no idea what they want because they aren't very clear in their questioning (not the brightest bulbs, sadly), which they see as resistance. He figures out what they wnat and is totally willing to talk because he doesn't want to upset the men with guns, but they act like he's being uncooperative. The conversation at this point is *fascinating* because it doesn't jive at all. In any case, they decide to make him talk by...raping him! He stops breathing again and passes out. When he does wake up Kamon is there. He sees that Taiga hadn't gotten over his trauma so he decides Taiga needs more cock therapy right then and there. Taiga later learns that Kamon had gotten rid of the other assassins by killing them when their bodies turn up in the bay.

Fourth is the reason behind everything. The two people who'd first been killed were the bank manager and teller who'd been kept behind by the robber in that bank robbery incident. Taiga is the third mark and the robber/rapist is the fourth. Why were all these people being targeted for death? Because Taiga had once angrily spurned the sexual advances of a boss, the boss had decided to teach Taiga a lesson. He'd set up the robbery and had Taiga tail the other person and had ordered the robber to do something to humiliate Taiga. He didn't specify what, and the robber decided to rape Taiga. Which *did* humiliate Taiga, but also meant that the robber was caught and things didn't go quite as planned. Years later, the boss is up for promotion and is afraid of having this secret found out he decides to eliminate everyone involved in the incident.

Of course there's a scene where Kamon takes his leave of Taiga, but instead of parting ways forever they have sex again. Taiga seems to be over his trauma. Cock therapy strikes again! Amazing how well it works in BL novels, no? Kamon gives Taiga a phone number to call when he wants to get in touch. When Kamon does finally leave Taiga decides to try out the number, which brings Kamon right back. For another round of sex. Sekrit killer booty call?

I think what made this amusing rather than exasperating was Taiga. He's not that serious a guy. He's so not-serious he doesn't seem even remotely real, but I don't always need my characters to seem een remotely real. XD Kamon is totally 2D and not particularly interesting, but he's just the guy attached to the cock that heals Taiga in my eyes. The side characters were kinda fun, tho. And I totally want to meet Taiga's older brother, who is a flaming uke always falling in love and falling out of love and acting like each break up (which he always initiates) is some big tragedy and running off overseas to mourn until he meets some other guy and has a big love affair over there. Until he tires of the relationship, breaks up, has a big tragic to-do and returns home. In this book he's overseas in the big love phase, but maybe if there's a sequel he'll show up.

I only meant to write a little about this book, but I ended up rambling. :P