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mirage is fangirl candy [Oct. 30th, 2009|07:19 am]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

I put on the Mirage TV series as background last night...Oh, it was so natsukashii. Takaya was kind of grating because he's such a...young punk kid? I mean, I understand that he's confused about everything and his wanting to know what's going on would come out that way, but I guess I'm more used to the later parts of the novel series where he's a mix of Kagetora and him. :P I had forgotten how perfect Naoe's voice was. Perfect! I laughed during the "I'm your dog, your mad dog!" hotel scene because...that voice! And Kuwabara-sensei actually backs up the rhetoric by making him act like a mad dog later on. I had to stop watching to go to sleep in the beginning of the tsutsugakyou arc, but I look forward to more of Naoe's obsessive behavior. I really need to dig up the novels and reread the middle part of the series.

Seeing glimpses of obsessive Naoe made me think back to the Bakumatsu period prequel...While I enjoyed the interactions between Kagetora and Naoe in it, it wasn't tinged with insane obsession laced with barely suppressed sexual desire like I thought it would. I mean, it's not that far from the "present," right? Did he just go totally nuts in their next set of lives, the one with Minako and the show-down with Nobunaga?