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i'm a sucker for stories with obscure German words in their titles... - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i'm a sucker for stories with obscure German words in their titles... [Jan. 3rd, 2010|05:13 pm]
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I decided to look around Japanese Naruto fanfic sites today and stumbled upon a fascinating WIP at 推定有罪 (Suitei yuuzai, http://atjack.nobody.jp/) called エアケントニスの怪物 (Erkenntnis's monster). During some big battle between Naruto and Sasuke, the 9-tailed demon fox is fully freed. Sasuke uses the Sharingan to shove it back into Naruto. The two are very injured, Naruto is in a coma for 6-months. Sasuke is a prisoner at Konoha, still heaing. He is in a wheelchair, wears manacles, and bandages around his eyes because he's not supposed to use his eyes much. Naruto's physical injuries quickly heal when he wakes up, but he's lost his memories. Not only that, but his personality is freakily different. He's cold, calm, indifferent. The only thing he responds to is Sasuke when Sasuke is brought in to activate his Sharingan to check Naruto out. He is filled with fear by Sasuke's Shanringan, saying that only Sasuke can completely dominate him. Sasuke finds Naruto's changed personality odd and tells Kakashi, acting leader of Konoha, that Naruto needs to be watched. So Kakashi decides that Sasuke should "watch" Naruto as they don't have enough people to spare. To kill two birds with one stone, Naruto takes care of Sasuke during the day so that they can watch each other. He's turned into a model ninja. He reads through textbooks in preparation for taking an exam to resume ninja duties quickly and actually picks everything up. He can do all the basic ninja skills he apparently wasn't the greatest at picking up before. But he's not the Naruto of old. He's cold, and thinks of everyone other than Sasuke as background scenery. He is repelled by his old self and wants to be dominated by Sasuke. He declares that he's willing to escape Konoha with Sasuke. Sasuke, for his part, is having none of it. He orders Naruto to absolutely obey Kakashi.

Erg, that summary doesn't convey the utter creepiness of Naruto's POV. Sasuke POV is very similar to other "brought back to Konoha after big battle" fics, so I'm familiar with it. He's weary and kinda blah about life in general. But this Naruto is just...wrong. His obsession is all-consuming but very, very cold. Also, there's no sexual tension (yet). The author says in her blog that she plans on four more chapters, hopefully two in this year. I hope she finishes it. I wonder if she'll bring back Naruto's real personality...At least momentarily. I just don't know what this story is supposed to go and I'm very intrigued.