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stupid fics and violent delinquent boys - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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stupid fics and violent delinquent boys [Jan. 5th, 2010|09:54 pm]
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I stayed up too late reading some really silly Naruto fanfics the other night. The author likes to start off with a ridiculous half-baked premise obviously made for MAXIMUM ANGST. Not only does the author have this need to make one or both of the characters totally miserable, she needs them to have an audience. In other words, the stupid angst-causing situation always becomes known to a wide group of people who don't actually do the logical things to alleviate the angst but instead gnash their teeth in rage or feel sorry for the miserable sod(s) or get mad at the cause(s) of the angst. It's one thing if one or two people do really stupid things to plunge themselves into a sad state, but a whole village? GAH. The author always makes things worse, too. The story starts off wobbly but then teeters when she piles on the angst. I'd read several chapters then give up because I can't take it anymore and read the end just to find out what happened. They always end happily, too. It's so hard to find many authors who write long fics (and finish them!), which is why I tried so hard to find at least one fic that didn't suck.... :P

I did read one all the way through because it made me laugh more than cringe, even though Sasuke in particular seems spectacularly OOC. The angst! The suffering! The weeping! It was beautiful, it was so badly done. XD;

I saw about three episodes of the J-drama Rookies based on the manga. It's about a very passionate teacher who helps a baseball team full of delinquents change. I was amused in the beginning because the teacher is *really* passionate and really straightforward and his reactions were just weird. The delinquents were annoying as teenage delinquents tend to be. So full of themselves, ya know? But they all get sucked into the teacher's weird mind-set and show their true, pure-hearted, baseball-loving (if still very violent) selves. Unfortunately I found the teacher and the delinquents just too violent. I know, it's shonen manga...But I prefer my sports manga to be more about fighting on the field and less about swinging fists. Has anyone seen this? Does it get less stupidly macho and violent? In any case, I found links to Megaupload downloads for a Spanish subtitled version here: http://www.taringa.net/posts/tv-peliculas-series/3851512/Rookies-Dorama-Japones.html.

At this point the best part of the series for me: the main delinquent has EXQUISITELY SHAPED EYEBROWS. I wish I had eyebrows half as lovely as his...