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The Lightning Thief - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Lightning Thief [Feb. 12th, 2010|11:03 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

I saw the Percy Jackson movie and it didn't suck! My coping mechanism to protect myself from the pain of bad movies is to expect crap and be pleasantly surprised, and once again it worked. I had to completely shut off the parts of my brain that like things logical and making sense, but in this movie it wasn't too hard because they kept the important characters pleasant and not-stupid. Not too much whining or angsting or whinging. Or girls and boys acting like they have cooties and/or hurting each other in tsundere style. Yes, things moved along very fast and jumped some important bits (like mourning or changes of hearts?), but I have a feeling they just cut out those parts for the movie. I hope. (I really hope the book explains A LOT MORE than the movie, though, because the movie lacks a lot of explanations for ALL kinds of things. ^^;)

Basically what made the movie enjoyable was that they made Percy pretty likable. So it was unrealistic. So things were kinda really stupid at times. At least Percy and his friends weren't totally stupid and clueless!

And Persephone was fun. *Really* fun.

[User Picture]From: baka_neko
2010-02-13 10:35 am (UTC)

The Lightning Thief

Oh that's good to hear. Have to see it, so was hoping it wouldn't be too bad. have not read the book either.
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2010-02-14 06:07 am (UTC)

Re: The Lightning Thief

Hope you enjoy it too! Just keep in mind that it's entertaining but not necessarily *good*. ^^;
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[User Picture]From: silverthunder
2010-02-13 09:53 pm (UTC)
I saw the movie last night too, and found it really entertaining. The characters seem interesting, and I didn't get annoyed by any of them. I think I'm going to check out the book series now.
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2010-02-14 06:08 am (UTC)
I plan on eventually tracking down the books as well. I hope the books are better than the movie...
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