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yuzu kosho chicken, so good and so easy - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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yuzu kosho chicken, so good and so easy [Apr. 7th, 2010|08:30 pm]
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I had just bought a bottle of the awesome condiment yuzu kosho and was looking for a recipe to use it in. I searched for a recipe with yuzu kosho and chicken and settled on a recipe for chicken cooked with yuzu kosho and mayonaise, mostly because it was easy and I had all the ingredients. I only did the chicken and not the rocket and oil/balsamic vinegar part, but OMG it was beyond easy and sooo tasty. I highly recommend it. Translation below for the non-Japanese:

Ingredients (for one person):

Skinless chicken thigh 80-150 g
salt and pepper to taste
mayonnaise 1 tbsp
yuzu kosho 1 tsp
low-salt shoyu 1 tsp
sake 1/2 tsp

the pretty bit
rocket one handful
olive oil 1 tbsp
balsamic vinegar 1 tsp

1. Mix the mayo, yuzu kosho, shoyu, and sake together in a bowl.
2. Make diagonal cuts in the thigh and lightly salt and pepper it. (I recommend putting a good amount of salt and pepper, actually.)
3. Heat some oil in a pan and fry the chicken so both sides are well browned. It doesn't have to be cooked all the way through. (I used medium heat.)
4. Put the chicken into an oven with the sauce on top and bake until the top is browned. (I initially went with about 400 deg F but lowered it to 300 deg F after about 5 minutes because it looked like it was browning faster than the thigh was cooking. I think I cooked it for maybe 10 minutes total in the toaster oven.)
5. Mix the olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a bowl and add the washed and dried rocket. Plate the rocket and thigh on a plate.

Seriously, so easy yet so tasty. I need to find more recipes to use my yuzu kosho (and also buy more since I only bought a small bottle...). ♥ ♥ ♥

[User Picture]From: fantasygirl49
2010-04-08 07:23 am (UTC)
thanks for sharing the recipe, i love to try this recipe ^^
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2010-04-08 07:45 am (UTC)
Hope you like it!
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[User Picture]From: sara_tanaquil
2010-04-08 01:04 pm (UTC)
Ooh, thanks for the recipes! I have been meaning to get back to doing more Asian cooking.

Where did you buy your yuzu koshou? What does it look like? I'm wondering if I can get it in Boston or the NJ Mitsuwa.
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[User Picture]From: sara_tanaquil
2010-04-08 01:07 pm (UTC)
PS What do you use for cooking sake? I'm of the belief that you shouldn't use any alcohol for cooking that you wouldn't drink for pleasure, but the sake I consider drinkable is darned expensive. ^_^;;
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2010-04-09 06:42 am (UTC)
I just used good drinking sake. It only calls for 1 tsp! Otherwise, you could buy a small bottle of decent sake at the store for cooking. I think sake lasts a lot longer than wine before going bad.

I got the yuzu kosho at a local Japanese grocery store. The other stores I checked didn't have it, so I was happy to find it locally. It is green and came in a little glass bottle. I've heard it can come in tubes as well.
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