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podcast unrec [May. 30th, 2010|11:24 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Never never never ever bother listening to the food podcast The Sporkful. The two hosts are bloviating jackasses. Slate Magazine's Daily Podcast was running their podcast once a week during May. I tried listening to each one and got sick of the two spouting their crap opinions with no real basis in anything. They just like to make pronouncements like they somehow have THE way to do anything right. The last one was the worst. They were talking about how to maximize the buffet. One guy had a sensible (!) strategy of taking small portions of various things you like so that you can try different things AND reduce waste if you happen to not like something and stop eating it. The other ASSHOLE was all like you can't have any guilt about wasting food! Buffets are all about wasting! If you worry about wasting food you are being suckered into doing what the buffet people want you to do! When the other guy challenged ASSHOLE to explain what was wrong with his technique, the ASSHOLE could only blather on about getting rid of any guilt and wasting as much food as necessary to maximize enjoyment. At one point the other guy asks if it's okay to take a huge portion and only eat one bite. The ASSHOLE is all like, yeah! The other guy thought it was not a good thing, but ASSHOLE was unapologetic and kept going on and on about how other guy needed to let go of his guilt as it plays right into the buffet people's hands. God, I hate both of these guys but other guy should've POUNDED ASSHOLE for being a fucking little shit.