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very random stuff i came across recently [Aug. 11th, 2010|07:23 pm]
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[Current Mood |amusedamused]

At MF: A subversive cross stitch kit prompts someone to ask about the origin of the phrase, "don't make me cut you."

At Slate: Culture Gabfest podcast discusses spoiler policies. They were very unsympathetic to people who want spoiler alerts. They referred to The Vulture's spoiler poiicy, which I found woefully inadequate. Unmarked spoilers allowed in text of article the Monday after a movie opens? Seriously. I think this is the privilege of people who consume culture for a living talking. The rest of us have lives, ya know? Plus all the people who live in different parts of the world where they can (legally) get stuff at different times than these media types but who still inhabit the internet. Read a great response. My favorite part:

Thus the warning of a spoiler to come is a courtesy, a gesture of respect. The expectation of spoiler warnings in popular discourse is a matter of etiquette. It would only exist in a scenario in which knowledge is unevenly distributed, and it mitigates the effects of this distribution. In particular, those like me who prefer not to be spoiled like to be respectful of others, whatever their preferences.

The Straight Dope: Did a state legislature once pass a law saying pi equals 3?