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neko neko neko - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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neko neko neko [Nov. 16th, 2010|08:14 pm]
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RL Wank: Magazine plagiarizes woman on internet and tells her that she should pay them when she complains. I first heard it on On the Media and the way the email from the magazine editor is read out loud is priceless, as is the song using the email as lyrics. Original LJ post by the victim here. I'm fighting the urge to look for more posts and articles on the subject to see what different takes people have about the whole business...

How cats lap water is so cool

I ran through Cinderella Wars...

While I do love Yuki, sometimes I want to choke him. The latter part of the book was one such time. He's lucky he's now surrounded by people who care for him even as he insists that he's okay or whatever.

Kei's grandfather's b-day celebration: Crazy housekeeper lady, bleah. While I feel sorry for Kei, I really have nothing more to say. I enjoyed the brief descriptions of the performances, especially how the contentious quartets with the assholes turned out so wonderful precisely because they were feuding. I love that Yuki fought back by playing so perfectly in sync with the first violin. And I join the Fujimi people in wishing I could've heard the Pachelbel's Canon quartet with Kei's grandfather. Love that piece.

Kei needs to loosen up. Yuki, you need to keep trying! Even if you're mistaken or misunderstanding the circumstances, you need to keep getting Kei to open up!

I didn't realize Yuki didn't know that the MHK cellist (I never remember the dude's name) knew he and Kei were a couple. Hee!

Kei's family is so WTF. I laughed reading the conversation with Kei's parents' and sister and how Yuki is like NONONONONO to the whole three-way marriage proposal while everyone besides Kei is like, great idea!!

I'm glad Kei and Yuki have variety in their sex life, and that their sex is for the most part so loving and equal.

Kei's strip search of Yuki was so O_o. Very unpleasant, I wish it didn't flow into sex as I hate that pattern (sex makes violation all better...).