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tgiaf [Dec. 9th, 2010|06:05 pm]
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I read volume 2 of Super Lovers by Abe Miyuki and remain dissatisfied and confused, as well as vaguely icked out. Where is this manga going? Are the two main characters really destined to be lovers? I wish she'd kept them platonic or just had them become a couple already. I think it'd have been fun as a story about loving siblings rather than the odd unsatisfying dirty-feeling semi-pedophilic whatever it currently is. I think it'd actually feel less dirty if they'd become a couple instead of just stopping at making out. (I don't know if the artist is trying to pass off deep kissing as a normal greeting for Canadians. I hope not.) I have a feeling I'm just recycling complaints from when I read the first volume. I still can't believe Hakkenden is on hiatus for this. GAH.

On the Georgette Heyer front, Faro's Daughter amused me despite its utter ridiculousness. A guy tries to buy off a girl who works at her aunt's gaming place to prevent her from marrying his rich and titled young nephew. The girl had never planned on marrying the young thing, but she's so incensed at his rudeness she spurns his money and vows revenge…And so we get two very obstinate people who claim to despise each other trying to "defeat" the other one. It's really over the top, but the rages the girl gets into after each encounter with the guy are so hilarious I'm okay with it all. Can't say I particularly liked either character very much as they acted irrationally most of the time, but I don't think the point of this book is to empathize with these people. XD;

Because I'm lazy, in list form:
-The girl doing the "I've been betrayed" act when the nephew falls in love with the helpless young thing.
-The guy apologizing when he realizes he'd wrongly insulted the girl, the girl rejecting him totally, and then bursting into tears after he leaves. (So stubborn she won't accept a sincere apology, how typical.)
-The girl bursting into tears when she realizes the guy's sister is safe at the end.
-The girl's aunt being completely pushed around by the girl as the girl rejects all attempts at bribes/threats/whatever that would save them from the poor house.
-The girl's dopey brother trying to help the guy escape from the cellar where he's locked up but being rebuffed for not being half the man his sister is.

Did you know that there was a musical version of Little Women? I just read in the newspaper that a local theatre company is staging it now. Even though I don't remember liking the book (the irritating sisters irritated me too much, I think) I'm curious…

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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2010-12-12 06:41 pm (UTC)
I keep wanting to headdesk over this whole business. I buy Super Lovers in the hopes that it will become good...I'm starting to despair at this point. ;_;
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