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fanfics: Sherlock and GH - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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fanfics: Sherlock and GH [Jan. 17th, 2011|07:53 pm]
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Been reading Sherlock fics. Man, wading through the crap, the not-my-cuppa, and the inexcusably ridiculous is tiring. :P

The Story of How Mycroft Holmes Got Demoted and Was Actually Quite Pleased About It by lavvyan, sort of S/J, Mycroft helps Sherlock out and gets demoted.

europe, after the rain by sartorialists, S/J, a manic whirl through their relationship.

London Calling by chaletian, gen, John and his phone have been co-opted by Sherlock.

Care and Feeding by miscellanny, gen, Sherlock tries to do something for John.

Structural Color by ,lj user=solsticezero>, gen, Sherlock interacts with a child and...I can't even describe this fic. It's short and sweet.

The Pleasure-Dome Hotel by raiining, S/J, BDSM AU. I tend not to care for BDSM fics, but this one worked for me because the they are them.

#3patchproblem by [Bad username: ardenteurophile"], S/J, Sherlock tries out Twitter. Of course it's hilarious.

The Perils of Urban Warfare by phantomjam, S/J, Sherlock vs. John's therapist with lots of amusing writing thrown in, such as:

John Watson is a cautious man. He’s a pragmatist, not the sort to go blundering into enemy territory all alone. That being said, he’s also no coward, and when he’s fixed it in his mind that something has to be done, he sees it through to the end and nothing on earth will move him.

Not even Sherlock bloody Holmes.

God help him.

Swimming with a Raincoat by lgrab, S/J, sadly listed as 1 of 3 but without parts 2 or 3 anywhere in sight. Great Sherlock POV with a great last exchange. It isn't that he can't love, he simply hasn't, until now.

On Habits and Toast by moorishflower, gen, interacting with people is hard for Sherlock, even when he wants to try.

Make Whole What Has Been Smashed by Charli J, S/J, AU, Sherlock and John live time differently but somehow make it work.

Dreaming of Forgiveness by velvet_mace, Mycroft/John, bizarre and dark. OOC and not really fitting to these characters, but I like this kind of story in general.

I accidentally ran across Georgette Heyer fanfic! Sadly, they just can't capture the writing and the dialogue, but they're still kinda fun. The ones worth mentioning:

Much Ado by twistedchick, Friday's Child, the gang together.

What Maketh the Man by valderys, Cotillion, Freddy to the rescue again!

Advantage by Skud, The Grand Sophy/Hornblower x-over, Sophy/Archie, I mention this only because it has sex and thus made me boggle.

A Marriage of Inconvenience by sexybee, The Grand Sophy, Charles and Sophy are married, and Sophy is being Sophy. It's rather sweet.

Clean Linen by cimorene, The Unknown Ajax and April Lady, Claud Darracott/Felix Hethersett, Claud POV. I don't really see the ghei in GH, but I'm not adverse to Claud swinging that way and as I haven't read April Lady I have no opinion on Felix. The story was amusing because it features nearly the whole Daracott family getting into trouble thanks to Richmond and everyone pitching in to solve the problem (and squash the scandal).

I was amused by the How Rich is Fitzwilliam Darcy post in a personal finance blog and how people try to figure out his wealth in today's terms.

[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2011-01-19 05:49 am (UTC)
*laughs* I had to reread that thing several times to make some sense of it. I probably wasn't awake enough at the time, either.
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