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why do i read this crap? - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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why do i read this crap? [Jul. 18th, 2011|07:34 pm]
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Haratte Yaruze is a good example of BL that drives me bonkers. I don't know why I kept reading (I read almost 60% and skimmed a bit of the end when I couldn't take it anymore). I despise this kind of story with these kinds of characters. FFU (aka fuckin' foolish uke, aka the main character) lives in a village of people with spiritual power who learn to deal with spirits, etc. and go forth into the world to help people. Unfortunately FFU doesn't have much talent even though he's from a very old, established family in the village. His cousin, however, is super duper powerful. Also good looking and really popular with the girls. All the girls think FFU is a little fucker who hogs his cousin's attention. The truth is that the cousin (to be called FAS for fuckin' asshole seme from now on) is the one who hogs FFU's attention and makes it seem like FFU is the problem. After years of this crap FFU snaps and decides to run away. FAS happens to be on assignment at the time. He will attend a normal high school and get away from FAS.

We don't learn the details of how a minor can manage to rent an apartment and get into high school without his parents' permission, but that's the least of the problems of this book. FFU has gained a "friend" who lives nearby who loves to make money. He not only sells FFU's pictures, he learns of FFU's slight ability and wants to cash in by starting a consulting agency. FFU is walked all over, despite his superficially vigorous protests. FFU is sadly one of those (very pretty) ukes who are supposed to be spunky and all, and protest and complain constantly, is put upon a lot, but can't quite take the last step and reject being put upon. The only thing he does that I can respect in the entire book is running away from the village. Otherwise, he's pretty much a doormat for those asshole seme types who push and push and push. In any case, FAS shows up eventually. He's naturally been keeping an eye out on FFU using one of his familiars. He makes FFU move in with him into a very high-end apartment he's bought in a very posh area of Tokyo. FFU huffs and puffs but can't break free from FAS.

In the end, they get together. Obvious, no? FAS is pretty much a possessive jerkalicious douche the ENTIRE BOOK (and apparently for half of his life). He has constantly put down FFU's below average spiritual ability, which together with FFU having been compared to his awesome cousin for most of his life, has been a very bad thing for FFU's self-esteem. But you know what? FAS has been suffering for years, too! He's been in love with FFU, like, forever, and FFU won't look at him! Look at the poor baby! He's hurt in his asshole seme heart all these years with no outlet except to make FFU's life miserable! He's never said anything tender to FFU all this time, but FFU should've just KNOWN with uke telepathy! Oh yeah, did I mention that FAS violently raped FFU in a jealous rage? It happened years ago, after that there was no anal sex, but since then FAS has forced sexual contact on FFU. No mention of "love" then! But then, FFU should've known, right? Right? Why did he have to keep pushing poor rapist asshole seme away all this time when they could've made sweet love? Why does FFU just not understand???

Yeah, I hated this book with a passion. FAS is a total jerk the until the end when we get the confessions and we learn that FFU had been taking everything FAS did the wrong way! Even though there is no way he could've taken it any other way since FAS never explained his actions EVER! And FFU of course has his heart melted. *gags*

The only bit that made me laugh was FAS threatening to do a blood vow and kill himself if FFU tries to break up with him and make sure FFU can never love anyone else cuz he will KILL the other person. Someone as powerful as FAS turning into a vengeful spirit would be a HUGE problem. It's another example of FAS being a selfish bastard, but it was funny. XD;

Also, I can't believe the 4-star reviewer on Amazon has the same problem of hating the selfish jerk of a seme and still gave the book 4 stars! WHY?