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tension is better than sex, really - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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tension is better than sex, really [Aug. 10th, 2011|06:56 pm]
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I have been waiting for a sequel to Sekai no hate de matteite ~Tenshi no tsumeato~ by Takatoh Ruka and illustrated by Yukifuna Kaoru for a long, long time. It was originally published in 2005 and I bought it in 2007. It seems like I've never written about it all these years as there is no tag for this author. I suppose I never wrote about it because it's hard for me to talk about it. I love a small part of it to bits, but am totally indifferent to most of it. The book is about a private detective, Kurosawa Touichirou, who used to be a police detective. He works in Shibuya, the same area he'd been assigned to in the police. He interacts fairly often with a former co-worker, Kaiya Yukihito, who is still a detective. The two are opposites. Kaiya is very precise and uncompromising. Kurosawa is warm and not as precise. The best things about this book is the relationship between the two and the art. The worst thing about this book is the case Kurosawa takes on that intersects with one of Kaiya's cases and results in them working together. My god, how little I care about the case and the characters involved. So little I won't bother mentioning it even a bit.

What you eventually learn is that Kurosawa quit the police after a burglary in his home that ends up with his younger sister murdered and him being injured fairly badly. The culprit gets away and is never caught. He forces the doctors to discharge him earlier than they think prudent and goes home. Kaiya goes to see him, and Kurosawa is not doing well. He grabs Kaiya and begs him to not die before him. They have sex that one time. Kaiya is not interested in guys in any way, and doesn't really know why he lets Kurosawa fuck him. It's a horrible experience for him, painful and destructive. Kaiya thinks of that night as a deep dark hole they both fell into that time, and they never speak of it. But it lies between the two, unspoken but palpable, just like Kurosawa's sister's death and the fact that they had been co-workers. The tension and the suppression and the longing are quite delicious. Another lovely scene has the two of them drink a lot, until Kaiya is out of it and asks Kurosawa to loosen his tie. Kurosawa does so, leaning over him and unbuttoning the first couple of buttons, then lightly running his hands along Kaiya's neck in the most sensual scene in the whole entire book (the actual sex scene was not sensual, it was harsh).

So I just realized that the long-awaited sequel Sekai no hate de matteite ~Uso to kaifu~ had come out late last year. I was disappointed to find that the artist had changed and was now Chayamachi Suguro. This artist can't compare to Yukifuna Kaoru, though it seems like Yukifuna isn't doing much nowadays. It reminded me of the shock of Flesh & Blood being illustrated by a vastly inferior (to me) artist--I still haven't recovered from that. I haven't been able to read any volume of F&B with the new art yet. Eventually I will, but right now I'm repulsed by the art. Same with this book, the artist is so not my taste and so not as good it's depressing. I tried to avert my eyes to the art as I read this. Similar to the first book, the case is very uninteresting to me. I had no patience for the situation AT ALL and just wanted more Kurosawa/Kaiya angst...And was rewarded greatly. Oh. My. God. There's a lot of Kaiya feeling awful as he suspects Kurosawa doesn't trust any police, including him. And it finally comes to a head when Kaiya demands that Kurosawa tell him one true thing. Kurosawa lets slip that he loves Kaiya. Kurosawa tries to recover by turning it into a joke, but Kaiya just yells "I know that, you shit!" (okay, not the "you shit!" but he might as well have by his tone) and decks him. Kurosawa then grabs Kaiya and kisses him (it's raining so Kaiya loses the umbrella when he's grabbed). Kurosawa apologizes, saying he wasn't going to kiss Kaiya again after that one time when they'd had sex. When Kaiya asks why, Kurosawa responds that it's because his reason is just shredded and kisses Kaiya some more. This scene is from Kaiya's POV and we see Kaiya struggling to not remember that night and be overwhelmed. They are only interrupted by Kurosawa's client coming to get help from Kurosawa. That scene is absolutely marvelous. There's more tension and suppression as Kaiya is ordered to basically spy on Kurosawa by a superior, who suspects that Kurosawa hid something about his sister's murder and may be involved in some way. The author then drops a huge bomb at the end when Kurosawa tells Kaiya that his sister was killed because the burglar was after something very specific and that the burglar knew about it because someone in the police station overheard Kurosawa talking to his sister on the phone. The last line in the book says it felt like the world had fallen away from Kaiya's feet. I look forward to the next book. I hope it doesn't take SIX YEARS again.

[User Picture]From: madamada_chan
2011-08-11 05:09 am (UTC)
Oh wow. I've never known about this book before. But thanks for mentioning it :D Aww... So happy for you that you got a much-awaited sequel. I still have that one book I desperately wish will have a sequel, but that looks pretty bleak T_T

I've only seen Yukifuna Kaoru's art once, but completely fell in love with it. I wonder if you've read that story yet- "Keiyaku Furikou". It's very simple, but oh so lovely. ^^ I haven't read the novel though XD I've only heard the drama CD and the cast was great. (On of the main couple is voiced by Toochika Kouichi who voices Neji in Naruto ♥ )
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2011-08-12 06:46 am (UTC)
I haven't read Keiyaku Furikou...I think. I've been foolish and bought books simply because Yukifuna Kaoru illustrated it. She's so talented.

I really hope the next book won't take too long. I've given up on other books before and couldn't believe this one actually came out.
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