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Nijuu Rasen 6: continues with the crazy - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Nijuu Rasen 6: continues with the crazy [Aug. 11th, 2011|08:40 pm]
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Nijuu Rasen is a long-running series by Yoshihara Rieko and illustrated by Enjin Ranmaru which I've enjoyed greatly. I had quickly summarized the first five volumes earlier and am quite happy to report that the recently released volume 6 continues to be awesome in it's over-the-top melodrama. Actually, I think this one tops them all.

So, at the end of volume 5 their grandfather Takuya stabs their father Kousuke. They are taken to different hospitals. Masaki ends up at the hospital Kousuke was taken to, waiting with his Uncle Akihito (his father's older brother). The girlfriend Chisato hysterically tells the police that the grandfather and younger uncle just "barged in" and she has no idea why the grandfather stabbed the father. Masaki is pretty disgusted with her. Couldn't she at least take the time to wash off Kousuke's blood? They get a call from the other uncle that Takuya has died. Kousuke's surgery is successful and he doesn't die (to the disappointment of many). There are lots of calls to various places informing the family to be ready for the media shit-storm in the morning.

The shit-storm hits, it's a huge scandal. Osaka is woken up in the morning by Naoto's other friends who tell him to check out the news. Naturally, it's shocking. At school it's talked about. Everywhere it's talked about. The funeral, which is set at the family home with family only (though without the grandmother, who had collapsed and was in the hospital), is a media circus. Everyone wants a shot of all the siblings together, which they get--though they have to block out the younger siblings' eyes as they are underage.

Chisato, in the meantime, is not happy. Basically everyone sympathizes with the stabber, not the stabbee. Kousuke has long been labeled a worthless scumbag father so people can understand Takuya's motivations (even if they don't necessarily condone it). When she's approached for an interview and offered a good bit of money, she takes it. Not only does she want to tell her side of the story, they are kind of in need of money as they wait for the money from the book sales to come in. She gives a highly watched interview which Masaki dismisses as her revealing her (worthless) true self to the world for money. She actually says that Takuya and the younger uncle made their way in and just stabbed Kousuke, out of the blue. Talk about deluded. XD; Most of the viewers have very negative reactions to her, though, so her interview doesn't change anyone's mind. Chisato's sister, who is in a really fucked up state, is in some kind of institution. Chisato had been visiting her daily (I think) but once Kousuke was stabbed she got too busy. When Chisato's sister finds out what had happened she feels abandoned. I'm hoping she commits suicide because she's a major whiner.

Talking about major whiners, Sayaka POV was exasperating. She decides to go to the funeral when she hears that her brothers will be attending. She wants to see Masaki again, though she regrets it when he doesn't even acknowledge her. She knows that she's been cut off by all her brothers at this point and it's painful for her, but she doesn't try to bridge the gap in any way. She hadn't seen Yuuta in years and is shocked to see him mature and assured, not the spoiled little kid of her memories. She's so self-absorbed and so "poor me" it's rather breathtaking. I'm hoping she does something sensational. XD;

Masaki, Naoto, and Yuuta make an awesome family unit now. While Masaki only "needs" Naoto at this point, he's quite fond of Yuuta now that Yuuta isn't a worthless piece of baggage. He's engaging with his brothers instead of rejecting everything, and his snarkiness is so right on and fun. He seems to be looking outward more and more, and I look forward to seeing him branch out.

Three weeks later, Chisato is happy to get the call from the hospital that Kousuke has finally woken up. She rushes over and is told by the nurse that he'd been calling for her. He'd been asking for his wife. Kousuke had never called her "his wife" since they weren't married, but she's happy to hear it. It'd been hard for her to realize that legally they were strangers and she had no authority to decide anything for Kousuke in the hospital. But when she finally meets Kousuke, he doesn't recognize her. The wife he'd been asking for was the dead wife he'd abandoned.

Turns out he'd lost 10 years worth of memory! During the surgery he'd had a cerebral hemorrhage. He thinks he's still married and working at whatever company he'd been working at, with kids in elementary school. Akihito, who I guess is the one in charge of Kousuke, is kinda dumbfounded. What the hell is he supposed to do? The doctor tells him Kousuke is confused and needs his family's support. Family's support? The support of the people he'd betrayed and abandoned?

In the meantime, Kousuke can't understand why he's in the hospital and why his wife hasn't shown up. He calls the house and leaves a message for her. At the house, Yuuta hears it and is surprised and disgusted. He thinks it's some kind of sick joke and deletes it. The next day Kousuke leaves another message, which Naoto hears. Yuuta tells him there was another message earlier but he'd deleted it. They decide to keep this message and discuss it with Masaki when he comes back from his location shoot. When he hears the message Masaki calls Akihito, who asks him to visit the next day. Akihito lays out the facts to Masaki. Masaki can only think that Kousuke has once again selfishly eliminated things inconvenient to him. Akihito has no idea what to do with Kousuke, and Masaki is no help. Kousuke will have to lay in the bed he'd made. He and his brothers don't plan on having anything to do with him. Akihito has been told by the doctor that Kousuke shouldn't get any additional stress, but in the end he tells Kousuke the truth. He succinctly explains to Kousuke the major bits, including the fact that their father had stabbed Kousuke, and gives Kousuke the book he'd written as "proof" and as more information as to what had happened these past ten years.

Kousuke is shocked, to put it mildly. His wife is dead! He'd abandoned her and their children! For some woman! He'd thought Chisato was some helper, a bit too friendly, kind of annoying. But he'd burned all his bridges for her? He wishes it was a bad dream...

And the book ends. I can't help but love this twist. Talk about having to pay for all the shit you've done. Kousuke is not yet the asshole he will be and misses everything he's lost. Chisato thought they were going to restart their life, but now she's just some random woman to Kousuke. So, so delicious. I can't wait for the next volume...Which I assume will take another year at the earliest. *sighs*

[User Picture]From: watermoonj
2011-08-24 12:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot for this summury. I'd read this up to book4. book 5-6 not yet translate. I also think the same with you that this book is over-the-top melodrama. just read this review I feel headache. I'll guest that more than half is the thought of Chisato and Sayaka. I feel very annoying with these two.
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