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i've been reading too much fanfic lately... - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i've been reading too much fanfic lately... [Sep. 8th, 2011|09:48 pm]
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Via rachelmanija: SF/Fantasy YA novels with major LGBTQ characters

Via monanotlisa: "Page Eight," "The Girl in the Cafe," "Boardwalk Empire," and the ubiquity of older male fantasies. The snark is beautiful to behold. Love the list of patterns in media, especially this one:

Male fantasies, like male hobbies, possess more social cache. Fantasy football is not looked down upon the way writing fanfic is. Reading spy thrillers is not considered as pathetic as reading Romance novels. So the shows that get made by the white dude creators and funded by old white money men, which express their interests and desires, end up receiving more acclaim from reviewers, more awards, more respect than other programming. This is in addition to the fact that more of that stuff is made in general to chose from.

Aaannd...More fanfic!

Generation Kill:

Noblesse Oblige by Alethia, AU in which Brad and Nate never met while in the Corps but do when Brad's a journalist and Nate's a politician. The emails are particularly fun.

Brad's Eternal Happiness in Four Three Easy Steps, by Ray Person by Alethia is just plain hilarious.

Aftermath, USA by traveller, long fic in which Nate ends up a hero (long after getting out of the Marines) and is rather traumatized from it, but ends up getting what he really wanted. Rather tense and kind of angsty. I think I'm in a phase that prefers less tense and angsty fics, but this one was good enough to grip me.

Hey darlin', do you gamble? by traveller is a shorter fic with a really neat twist at the end.

A hundred different things (within the measure of a day) by noelia_g, Notting Hill movie based AU. Fun fun fun.


The Republic of Heaven by blind_author, fusion with His Dark Materials, S/J, LONG and involved and wonderful. I love HDM fusions are so much fun to read, with the dæmons. XD; This one actually incorporates the TV show plot lines, changing as necessary to fit the world.

Faerie-Touched by blind_author, S/J, magic!AU, Sherlock is Faerie-born, John is so without magic he's "anti-magic"...

Obvious; Or, Greg Lestrade Is Good At Detecting And Has Five Pounds To One That Sherlock And John Will Shag by the_arc5. I think the title is pretty explanatory. It's silly but amusing. I think it's worth reading just for "There’s no way that look can be mistaken, and there’s finally some vaguely inappropriate touching going on. Too bad it had to come with a knife wound, but hey, desperate times. Besides, it’s probably romantic in the bizarre, twisted world the two of them inhabit."

Performance In a Leading Role by Mad_Lori is a WIP AU in which John and Sherlock are movie stars who co-star in a movie where they are a gay couple. I know, very cliched. But the author does a good job of playing with the cliche and really showing the growing intimacy between the two. I have no idea if the film industry politics is in any way accurate, but I found it believable enough for the fic. I hope it ends well.

Fallen by mamishka, supernatural AU in which Sherlock is an Adept and John is his Guardian Angel....In the beginning. WIP, the author is following the TV episodes. The first episode is basically finished (epilogue left at this point).

[User Picture]From: ariss_tenoh
2011-09-10 04:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the recs!
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