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sekai ichi hatsukoi manga babbling - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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sekai ichi hatsukoi manga babbling [Oct. 12th, 2011|10:19 pm]
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I bought the November issue of Ciel as part of my mega order just to get the next chapter of Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. After the pure awesome of the previous two chapters I guess I was expecting...something spectacular? But after rereading it a couple of times I've grown to love this chapter. Things I loved:

Thing 1: Takano reassuring Ritsu repeatedly when Ritsu worries about his artist's rankings. It's such a Takano thing for him to say "It's the final results that matter!"

Thing 2: Takano setting the copier to make 100 instead of 10 copies as an adorable teasing joke. Why not just pull Ritsu's pigtails? XD;

Thing 3: Takano offhandedly commenting that he wants an excuse to spend the day with Ritsu when Ritsu tries to decline the birthday thing. I am looking forward to the birthday chapter.

Thing 4: An figuring out that Ritsu likes takano by the look on his face. I'm a bit conflicted about her character. I guess I've seen her type (so conveniently sweet and wanting the guy she likes to be happy) too much? In any case, I fell for the line calculated to make me swoon--the one where Takano says his heart has long been set when it comes to Ritsu. God, I'm so easy. Also loved Takano keeping Ritsu from running off when they arrive home, saying like he'd let Ristu go home after learning about the expression on Ritsu's face that clued An about Ritsu's feelings for Takano. And Takano asking Ritsu to make the face that he makes only for him. And Takano getting more turned on by Ritsu's "I'm embarrassed."

Thing 5: Kisa's reaction to hearing about Takano's super scary traumatic training! Takano manipulating Ritsu into accepting the scary training. Ritsu, you are too predictable.

What I didn't like:

Thing 1: Shower sex always bothers me because I keep thinking how wasteful it is. I don't know the building code in Japan, but in the U.S. shower heads typically output 2.5 gpm (it's the max allowed and I assume most would go with the max). Two and a half milk jugs of perfectly clean water down the drain every minute! Imagine even a 15 minute sex scene...30 gallons! Wasted! GAH.

Thing 2: I think Ritsu needs to tone down the tsuntsun part of the tsundere juuuust a little, considering the last two chapters. I need a bit more development on that front.

Looked at the Hakkenden chapter in Ciel and was very WTF??? There's too much of a gap between the last Tosuisha volume and this chapter for me to follow. I also learned that there are some reissued volumes with added material in them? Now I have to buy a whole new set of the manga!! I have no idea what to do with the 13 volumes I already own as I really don't have the shelf space to store lots of extras. *sighs* Can the yen get a little cheaper to help a poor fangirl out. ;_;

I also flipped through volume 6 of the manga. The only new thing was the Takano's case 1.5, which was adorable but TOO SHORT. I loved Takano thinking how he had to play it cool as he walked to his house with Ritsu. I didn't quite love the reference to shoe sizes...A bit TOO much of a coinkidink for my taste. I want more Takano's case, though! Love the dichotomy between his poker face and his really cute "first love" thoughts.