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blah blah blah [Apr. 19th, 2012|09:49 pm]
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I am currently building a huge to-buy list set of open browser tabs of books and manga and am shuddering at the cost. I keep asking myself, do I need this now? And the answer is almost always "YES." *sighs* The bk1 takeover thing is throwing me off as well. I hope they keep their shipping policies the same, otherwise I'm going to be making less frequent but larger orders from amazon japan.

List of books I'd totally buy RIGHT NOW if they were out now, damn the exchange rates and shipping costs:

-New Sekaiichi Hatsukoi manga, especially if there's lots of Takano/Ritsu. I MISS YOU.
-New Junjou Romantica, with lots of Romantica and/or Terrorist (and no Egoist, please!)
-Hakkenden volume 11 (finally getting into stuff I haven't read before!)
-Super Lovers 5 (this series finally feels solid to me, after three or so volumes that kinda frustrated me)
-Nijuu Rasen volume 7--please stop writing Ai no kusabi and jump back on to this!!
-Ameiro Paradox 2--love this bickering couple, want more Natsume Isaku sex scenes
-Castle Mango 2--don't care if the story gets dark, I just want to read more. Have only seen Chinese scans floating about...

I feel like I will only get satisfaction if I start buying the magazines, but I know I must resist the temptation. That is a path I do not want to start down on. GAH.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that there are five volumes of Aitsu no daihonmei out since the first volume was popular...Does it get better? I couldn't stand the seme's self assured meanness and the abject pathetic nature of the uke in the first couple of volumes and never read more. Looking back at it, though...I think what really put me off was the artist's inability to give the seme any other expression other than a smirk and make the uke look really stupid. Do they become more expressive?

I watched the first two episodes of Tsuritama and am baffled by it. The alien boy is very annoying (he felt like a more extreme, less cute and thus less tolerable version of Ed from Cowboy Bebop). The main kid's overreactions are a bit tiring (the freaky shriveled red head look was rather icky, too). I like fishing prince kid okay (love his glasses and hair). The grandma is cool (love her glasses and earrings). Love alien younger sister's crazy dialects (though she looks ridiculous). Also love other alien dude and his duck because...duck. Yeah.

Also saw the first episode of Sakamichi no Apollon. Main kid's sullenness is understandable but a bit offputting. Not a jazz fan so the music doesn't do crap for me. Also, obligatory insult to classical music annoyed me as a big classical music fan. I will watch a bit more to see if I like it any better. I hope they stick with jazz with melody because I'm really going to be put off by the music if they go too avant-garde.

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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2012-04-23 12:31 am (UTC)
Oh, thanks for the heads up on Junjou Romantica. For some reason I missed that when looking at the upcoming and recently released stuff I wanted to get.

(Also also, I added the book you just summarized to my own to-buy list, darn you.)

LOL. Hope you like it!
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