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Pretty pics of supernatural beings! - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pretty pics of supernatural beings! [Sep. 8th, 2012|07:07 am]
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I've recently read some novels with supernatural beings taking humans as companions. I eat this type of forced marriage situation up, if done right. The particular books I mention below aren't the best books ever, but I like them well enough. Also, the art is just gorgeous.

Tengu no Yometori and Tengu no Hanagaeri by Takao Riichi and illustrated by Minaduki Yuu are about a tengu and a guy whose family had something to do with the tengu (kinda complicated). The guy wanders into the mountains and gets caught by some bad tengu. Tengu can gain power from having sex with virgin men (there are no females in the tengu world) and the main character is lucky enough to be a virgin man. The bad tengu are going to use him sexually until he's used up, but the main character is saved by the big tengu of the mountain. The big tengu doesn't want to harm him, but the only way to protect main character is to claim him as his own...meaning they have to have sex. Main character is committed as big tengu's partner and his nourishment is the big tengu's seed. Yeah, it's that kind of story. It does lots of the cliches you'd expect in this kind of story, but I liked the characters enough that it was all good.

Big tengu fighting a bad tengu!

Sweetness! Guess what, big tengu and main character had met before! (I love this kind of thing, too.)

Inugami no Hanayome by Higuchi Misao and illustrated by Takaboshi Asako is about an inugami (dog god) who had saved the main character a long time ago when the main character had gotten lost in the mountains as a child. In exchange the main character has to become his wife, so he comes to get him on his eighteenth(?) birthday. This one is a lot more angry because the inugami has issues and is rather unhappy. The tengu in the other story is calm and stolid, while the inugami kinda rages (rather justifiably, frankly).

But inugami wins because he has ears and tails. Beats tengu pom-poms anytime.

I need to find more books of this type (with nice art). I love how the human has to learn the ways of the supernatural world and to love and appreciate the supernatural being that is effectively his husband (even if they don't use that term). I love how the supernatural being has to learn to deal with the confused and rather unhappy human, and depending on the story fall in love with him (in some stories he's already in love).

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