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Youma na oresama to geboku na boku - Rants of a Fanfic Addict [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Youma na oresama to geboku na boku [Jan. 6th, 2014|09:34 pm]
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I’ve been reading the series Youma na oresama to geboku na boku written by Fushino Michiru and illustrated by Yuzuki Ichi (I’m up to book 5 now, will read the other four if my MIA order comes in or I give up and reorder the damn books...) and have been enjoying them, more or less. Haven’t felt a burning need to write about the series mainly because it hasn’t been awesome or crappy (nothing like pure love or raging annoyance to motivate one to share one's feelings XD). 

It’s about a very ordinary kid named Adachi Masamichi who is trying to get into college while supporting himself on part-time work. One night he gets hit by a car and is fatally injured. Instead of dying, he is saved by a passing demon named Shino who thinks his blood is tasty (I think? I can’t find the first volume so can’t verify all details…). Shino was forced into human form back in the Heian period when he fought against an onmyouji and lost, then was stuck in a pot for a thousand or so years until the pot broke in an earthquake. He was helped out by an old couple he met after the earthquake, managing to snag himself a proper human identity by feigning amnesia. When they retired he got their business as an antique dealer. He specializes in haunted antiques because he can deal with the demons/spirits/whatever that are causing problems for the owner of the items.

Shino officially takes Masamichi as an "assistant," but Masamichi’s main role is to be Shino’s food source* and servant (thus the title of the series). Shino also wants to cultivate Masamichi’s spiritual potential as he has the same unusually-colored aura as Shino’s former master. He wants Masamichi to eventually break the spell on him put on by his long-dead master so that he can regain his full powers and form as a demon. Only a human can break a human spell.

The first several books focus on a stand-alone mystery or issue in each, but in the later books a big bad emerges against whom they must fight. Masamichi is very...ordinary. He isn’t annoying or anything, but he doesn’t really do anything for me. Shino isn’t a bad sort, but he's not human and thus can be insensitive. He does firmly believe in his role as master to provide for his servant and takes care of Masamichi, he just doesn't understand human sensibilities. It doesn't help that Masamichi falls in love with Shino, but the nice thing about this series is that Masamichi is mostly so placid and Shino rarely gets all worked up (even though he's pretty possessive) so it doesn't get angsty or melodramatic (much). It's an issue, but it's not OMG HOW CAN I GO ON WITHOUT HIS LOVE???

The art is decent, but nothing to write home about. I like the characters. There are some very sweet moments here and there. Nothing is really annoying or truly ridiculous (besides the premise, but you have to hand-wave it if you're going to read BL, right?). I enjoy reading about the supernatural world depicted. At least up to where I've read, I would recommend this. Just…not in any jump up and down way. ^^;

*First Shino feeds on Masamichi's blood but then they stumble into sex as a way for Shino to feed. Can’t for the life of me remember how it happens, but does it matter? It's BL, it was gonna happen.

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