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anime first impressions [Jul. 14th, 2014|09:29 pm]
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

I’ve been watching the first several episodes of a bunch of the new summer anime. There are a couple I am enjoying, a couple which are questionable, and a bunch that are just flat out nos.

First, the stuff I’m not going to keep watching:

Tokyo Ghoul: Modern-day horror where there are people-eating ghouls who live among people. The main character is a normal college student who is attacked by a ghoul and gets the ghoul’s internal organs transplanted into him, turning him into a sort of ghoul. This is pretty bloody. It’s also dark. And the MC is a bit whiny. Sooo not for me.

Argevollen: War fought with mecha. I was hoping it’d be more like 083, with low-level but competent soldiers doing their jobs. But no, the MC is a hot-headed idiot who saves the magically amazing mecha and the young female “engineer” by disobeying orders. The rest of the soldiers seem decent, too bad the MC is cliched in the worst way.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Shoujo manga about a girl who fails at confessing to her crush and is instead recruited into helping him with his (best-selling) shoujo manga. The parts about working on the manga are pretty funny and a lot of fun, but the girl is *so* irritating. She has these internal freak outs that are really unnecessary and had me rolling my eyes, especially since it happened multiple times! I don’t think I can make myself watch episode 2 to see if she gets any better because she really was bad.

The stuff I’m not sure about:

DRAMAtical Murder: Sci-fi thriller(?) based on a BL game, by the people who did Togainu no chi. Not sure why I'm watching it, but 2 episodes in it’s pretty harmless. The little robot helpers everyone carries are adorable and the costumes are just plain *odd*. I didn't watch Togainu no chi, but I assume it won’t go down one of the bad ends?

Aldnoah Zero: Another mecha story, but this time very futuristic sci-fi. Very grand but ridiculous premise. The bad guys are like a parody of badness, and Earth is so seriously outmatched it seems like the enemy should win in 1 second. Seriously, it’s that unbalanced. But the MCs don’t completely irritate me (though I don’t really buy them as people) so I’ll give it a few more episodes to see if it pans out.

The stuff I am definitely watching:

Love Stage!!: BL anime based on the manga by Eiki Eiki. Did not read the manga, but I really enjoyed the first episode. It’s cute, it’s fun, it’s sparkly. I am wishing for another season of one of Nakamura Shungiku’s mangas, though. This reminds me a bit of them.

Free!! Eternal Summer: Eye candy swimmer guys continue to be eye candy. *shrugs* What more is there to say? I like the characters! Even Rin now that he’s calmed down (though his sidekick is still kinda annoying—do fans fall for the bait and slash them? I hope not, such a boring pairing). I just hope the new antagonist isn’t too much of an ass.

I still haven’t watched Sword Art Online II. I want a couple more episodes out before I jump in, it’s probably starting slow.

Other stuff I watched that’s not from this new season:

Gin no Saji season 2: LOVE LOVE LOVE. Saw it all in one day. I want more! God, I love this anime. The dog who is better at learning than Tokiwa! The teachers getting all into building the race course! The impromptu food fests! The girls talking amongst themselves! All the serious stuff was very well done as well, of course. Man, Hachiken’s father is *such* an ass. No wonder both his sons ran off. Mikage’s storyline was very interesting. She’s still a bit of a bland character, but her development (and Hachiken’s along with hers) was nice.

What has been distracting is realizing that Hachiken is voiced by Kise's voice actor from Kuroko no Basuke. They even share how they end their sentences with "su"!

Mushishi: Watched season 1 before season 2 started. I think about half the episodes are great, the other half were meh. The great ones were truly superb and I've rewatched them a number of times. Watched season 2 as it aired, and look forward to the rest of season 2 in the fall.

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[User Picture]From: ariss_tenoh
2014-07-15 06:02 pm (UTC)
Aldnoah Zero feels dated somehow. And the first episode was pretty heavy-handed in its message about war with ridiculously blatant symbolism.

Love Stage seems like good light-hearted fun and the characters are likeable even from the first episode.
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[User Picture]From: insaneneko
2014-07-16 04:50 am (UTC)
I guess Aldnoah Zero makes me think of something like Gundam, so I can see how you'd think it's dated. The entire show is heavy-handed in everything, so I have a feeling I won't stick with it.

Love Stage is definitely fun! They did a good job animating it.
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